CrimsonWind – The Wings of Salvation CD review

Italian based symphonic metal band CrimsonWind have just recently their debut album entitled The Wings of Salvation on Ice Warrior records and from the glimmering keyboard opening lines to the pounding riffs that follow closely behind, CrimsonWind have written and performed some fine examples of power metal. The Wings of Salvation is jammed full of hits, containing eleven brilliant originals and two acoustic versions of these songs, making this an all killer, no filler album, that won’t lose its hellish flare – no matter how many times you listen to it. This is how power metal should sound…… Fast, powerful and chocked full of keyboard!

From the moment this album kicks in, CrimsonWind make an impression, showing off their musical talent through various slick guitar lines, catchy, chant along chorus’s and driving keyboard lines in songs such as ‘Hold Your Dreams’, ‘Rain from the Universe’ and title track ‘Wings of Salvation’, not only blowing the listeners ear drums, but touching their hearts and minds with the deep and heartfelt lyrics. The songs have been superbly written, making this album not just an album full of music. But an album full of songs, songs that capture the listener in a web of musical brilliance and powerful raw emotion.

The more melodic tracks on this record are by far the best bit about The Wings of Salvation, and this is because they sound so intimate and passionate when played through headphones. Tracks like ‘Slave to Your Memory’ and ‘Awakening’ are both heartfelt, emotional ballads, that touch the listeners soul through insane musicianship and incredible song writing skills. These two tracks are perfect songs to drop in the middle of a live set, they are like a barrier for the album, slowing the mood down for a minute and making the listener really think and appreciate just how diverse and different metal musicians can be.

At times the keyboard and MIDI sounds do sound slightly gimmicky, making tracks like ‘Endless De Ja Vu’ and ‘Hold Your Dreams’ sound like a haunted chapel of theme park in some cheesy 90’s horror B-Movie. Although this does stand out like a sore thumb at points, a power metal band can never have too much keyboard in their music, and when it does eventually blend back in with the rest of the band does add an extra dimension to the music. If CrimsonWind blended the keyboard lines in with the rest of the music a bit more, then The Wings of Salvation would be a flawless album.

This is CrimsonWind’s debut album, and by gosh are they on the right wavelength with The Wings of Salvation. This record would be perfect if the band sorted out the mixing a bit better and at points blended in the “Disney Princess” sounding keyboard lines in with the rest of the band…. Keyboards are amazing in metal, but only if they sound like part of the band. [7/10]

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