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On 29 October 2014
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You wont be disappointed by this great melodic rock album

610yY4LHpWLCrazy Lixx are a five piece hard rock band from Sweden, who were formed in 2002 and released their first album in 2007. The current line-up consists of Danny Rexon – vocals , Andy Dawson – guitar, Joél Cirera – drums, Jens Sjöholm – bass and Edd Liam – guitar. They state their influences as KISS, Def Leppard and Motley Crue. I think I’d also add Bon Jovi and AC/DC to that list.

Most bands release their first album as a self titiled one, however Crazy Lixx seem to be doing things a little different here with their self titled fourth album. Being as it is their fourth album they have had time to grow and mature a bit as a band, however this album still remains very much of their own sound and style with a similar feel of their last three albums to it.

This is an eleven tracked album and as they say is ‘a killer with no filler’ filled with a variation of good rocking kick-ass tracks. There are ten new tracks with the eleventh one being a reworked track called ‘Heros are forever’ originally released on their first album Loud Minority back in 2007. The whole album just oozes with good solid melodic rock that is not too heavy and is sure to get your foot tapping and your head nodding before too long.

The album starts with a bang with the hard rocking track ‘Hell raising women’ with their signature backing vocals on it, and great catchy lyrics and sing along chorus. ‘Sound of the loud minority’ is a little calmer, and sounding more in the style of a Bon Jovi track to me, with great vocal from Danny and comes with the great sound of the twin rhythm guitars. Track three continues the more mellow theme with ‘Outlaw’ and comes complete with more superb rhythm guitars. It’s back to the more traditional rock and roll for tracks four and five ‘Girls of the 80’s’ and ‘I missed the mark’ which have great lyrics and catchy choruses that will probably have you singing the chorus for the rest of the day. ‘All looks, no hooks’ returns to the fast flowing tracks that I’m sure will go down great with the live audiences, but is a little cheesy on the lyrics.

The second half of the album starts off with ‘Ain’t no rest in rock n’ roll’ a great rock tune full of energy and enthusiasm that will get you jumping up and down with those ‘horns’ in the air, again with the strong sound of the rhythm guitars and back beat of the drums.  ‘Call to action’ continues with the full on energy from the previous track, with its screaming guitars, thumping bass and drums and great vocals. The reworked ‘Heroes are Forever’ from their first album follows, but you would not notice that it was an older song as it fits very well into this new album. The album finishes off with ‘Psycho city’ and ‘Wrecking ball crew’ both of which are good feel rock tracks with more great vocals from Danny.

All in all this is a great solid hard melodic rock album, that I am sure you, as I will, have it on repeat for a few weeks. My only small criticism would be that the album cover looks very similar in its design and colouring to that of Black Dog Barking from Airbourne…if that’s a bad thing??

My rating for this album is 4 stars.

Track Listing:-

1: Hell raising women

2: Sound of the loud minority

3: Outlaw

4: Girls of the 80’s

5: I missed the mark

6: All looks, no hooks

7: Ain’t no rest in rock n’ roll

8: Call to action

9: Heroes are forever

10: Psycho city

11: Wrecking ball crew.


You wont be disappointed by this great melodic rock album

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