Craig McDonald – Pies, Pasties and Rock’n’Roll (CD)

A lot of you will be thinking who is Craig McDonald and should I have heard of him?

The answer is if you live in the North West of England you should have heard of Craig McDonald – as a founding member of the sadly disbanded NWOBHM hopefuls Sinner, who at the height of their NWOBHM fame, shared the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden, Samson, Def Leppard, Saxon, Angelwitch and Witchfynde to name but a few bands, as well as a pivotal member for many other groups since then he is now playing as (Craig McDonalds) The Clan.

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Having had the pleasure of recently seeing The Clan live I was quite happy when I received a copy of this album to review.

Opening track Rock For You sets the scene for this great album “we have got the lights and we have got the crowd all we want to do is play our music loud. I know that some of you have come from far away, we are going to have a party and we hope you stay” pretty much sums up the attitude of this band, who after seeing live I can honestly say have a full out rock’n’roll attitude which is sadly missing from most of the so-called up and coming acts.

Night Ride is a traditional balls out song dedicated to the motorbike riders out there which is not a bad thing at all.

Heard It All Before and Someone Else are clearly traditional end of a romance rock ballads that you come to expect from rock bands but they are still as catchy as hell and you can not help but wander if Craig put his own experiences into these tracks.

Wax Works – the deep, dark, under rated song which so many reviewers have missed somehow. Personally I love this track to the extent I think it is the highlight of the album (even over the obvious choices of Rock For You and The Few). With lyrics such as “But we don’t need to know your name. You are not going to change the world. Enjoy your moment of fame, before for your life become unfurled” it can’t fail to connect with the generation of people who are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the ever depressing economic climate right now.

The Key, Rock’n’Roll (It’s in my blood) and Give it All Up (Musicians Blues) are clear examples of Craig’s personal experiences being transferred into his musical output.

The Few – what can be said about this track that has not already been said an opening riff that screams out Iron Maiden’s Prowler this track is simply superb.

This song plays homage to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this great country in “the Battle of Britain.”

It is an amazing end to a great album which leaves you wanting more (personally I can’t wait for the follow up album).
All in all this is a great album especially as it is self financed.

Faults with the album ? the artwork lets it down slightly.

The Highlight of this great album is controversially Wax Works closely followed by The Few and Rock For You.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Rock For You;
2. Night Ride;
3. Heard It All Before;
4. Someone Else;
5. Waxworks;
6. Day to Day;
7. The Key;
8. Rock’n’Roll (It’s In My Blood)
9. Home Of The Devil;
10. Give It All Up (Musicians Blues);
11. The Few;


Craig McDonald:
The Clan:


Craig McDonald (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Steve Farquhar (Bass), Jim Coucher (Drums)


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