Corpse Garden – ‘Entheogen’

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Corpse Garden

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On 17 October 2015
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"...a superb album... an exemplar of its genre."

Artwork for Entheogen by Corpse GardenExploding out of a relatively small Central American country better known perhaps for its awesome coffee than its death metal exports, this second album from Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden is as intense and dark as both the aforementioned should be.  It’s also fucking fast!

Corpse Garden very obviously pay tribute to the darker side of the DM subgenre, drawing their influence from the likes of Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation, as well as the maestros Death themselves.  But, they also add enough of a twist to their origins to intrigue and maintain the listener’s attention.

The performances are tight and precise, yet passionate, and the album evokes the deep dankness of the tropical rainforests which dominate the landscape of their homeland, especially in its more atmospheric, progressive and, dare I say it, psychedelic moments.

‘Entheogen’ is a superb album, and an exemplar of its genre.  It captivates with its dense layers of sound, and enervates with its multiplicity of sounds and the rawness of the feeling that underlies its technical craftsmanship.

Track list

The Quantum Rapture / In The Womb Of Chaos / Portal To The Oneiric / The Arrival Of Saturn / Suspended Over The Abyss / Evoking A Dead Sun / Sulphur / Neux Ex Machina / The First Incarnation / A Balance Of Opposites / The Emerald Vision / Red Pulvis Solaris / Enantiodromia

Recommended listening:  Portal To The Oneiric

‘Entheogen’ is out now via Satanath Records.

"...a superb album... an exemplar of its genre."

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