Coral spin ‘Honey and Lava’ cd

Coral spin are a brand new female fronted Progressive Melodic rock band with an unusual singer, in the form off Ellie Blythe who is a fully trained Classical and Opera singer, she fancied a change in musical direction, so joined up with keyboard player Blake Mcqueen, and Guitarist Jake Simmons back in 2008 to form Coralspin.
The first thing you notice is Ellie’s vocals, more Operatic than Melodic, she brings with her a new dimension to the whole Progressive Melodic genre that I found hard to listen to.
The music is full of lush keyboard playing, as expected, and the guitar parts really do rock, the whole record is very accomplished and oozes class, with tracks like ‘Burn My Eyes’ and ‘Sky’s End’ simply rocking the stereo. ‘Mistimed’ is a beautifully constructed song, suiting Ellie’s vocal style perfectly. However, overall I couldn’t quite gel with her vocal style.
It is an interesting and well constructed opus, which fans of Progressive Melodic rock will relish, it just wasn’t for me. 7/10.

1. Sons of the Sleeping Giant (6:58)
2. You’re Wrong (3:30)
3. Mistimed (3:54)
4. Burn My Eyes (4:00)
5. Sky’s End (4:12)
6. Songbird (3:19)
7. Night Stalker (5:14)
8. Aching (6:05)

Ellie Blyth / vocals, keyboards
Blake McQueen / keyboards
Jake Simmons / guitars
Steve Kightley / bass
David English / drums

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