COLLECTED unveil brand new video

Emerging Essex quartet COLLECTED have delivered their enthralling new single, Love With Fury. The track is a sprawling slab of vibrant contemporary metal, framed by impassioned vocals, gargantuan rhythms and cutting edge riffery. Watch the video for the single, here –

By absorbing their diverse backgrounds and influences, COLLECTED have honed-in on a unique sound that is truly their own. The foursome have a common thread and the willingness to explore themes of the highest and lowest aspects of the human condition, whilst also highlighting the importance of self-expression and individual differences. Coupled with an “all or nothing” attitude towards their live performance, COLLECTED are a band that entertains, engages and captivates both audiences and listeners wherever they are heard.

With a growing swell of support from the underground, the Brit metallers have a slew of releases waiting in the wings. COLLECTED have just unleashed their ferocious new single, Love With Fury. The band remark about the evolution of the track: “This song originally started as a depiction of a toxic relationship and focuses on the internal struggle situations like that might produce. However, later it evolved into more of a metaphor about the relationship that we share with our planet”. With a series of shows and releases in the pipeline for the latter half of 2021, COLLECTED have arrived.

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