Colin Blunstone – Sale Waterside Art’s Centre -19/04/2016

In an era when the music business eats ‘em up and spits them out, over 50 years in the rock’n’roll business is a remarkable achievement. His renaissance as an integral part of The Zombies has been well documented but what Blunstone proved to a packed house is that his solo career has more than enough hits and hidden gems to sustain an 90 minute show.

It’s always been a puzzle that his unique voice has never been more widely lauded and this set proved that the veteran singer has lost little of his range over the years. He did more than justice to his kaleidoscopic back catalogue with a breathtaking master class of power and control all backed impeccably by his stellar solo band.

Blunstone of course has been ably assisted over the years by working with some fabulous songwriters but it’s a two way street as they too have benefited from an artist who stamps a song with an ethereal hue. He has a rare quality that has seen him endure the lean times and although not a household name sustain a loyal and devoted following.

Ever self effacing Colin wisecracked to the audience that he was probably Britain’s least prolific songwriter, but listening to the highlights from his solo records they are more than worth waiting for. Keyboardist Pete Billington must take some of the plaudits for his beautiful arrangements of ‘Beginning’ and ‘Keep The Curtains Closed Today’ which complemented a stunningly intimate vocal performance perfectly – performances that were worth the admission price alone.

With a closing segment that included the million sellers ‘Time Of The Season’ and ‘She’s Not There’ – classics most musicians would die for – it was emphatic proof that the belated recognition for one of our national treasures has been long overdue and richly merited.

Time to Move (The Zombies song)
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (Jimmy Ruffin cover)
Wild Places
I Don’t Believe in Miracles
Any Other Way
So Much More
Caroline Goodbye
The Tracks of My Tears (The Miracles cover)
Turn Your Heart Around
Levi Stubbs’ Tears
Though You Are Far Away
Say You Don’t Mind (Denny Laine cover)
Keep the Curtains Closed Today
Misty Roses
Dancing in the Starlight
Time of the Season (The Zombies song)
Old and Wise (The Alan Parsons Project cover)
She’s Not There (The Zombies song)

Just Out of Reach (The Zombies song)
I Want Some More

Guest reviewer, Lyndon Noon

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