Coldwar unveil ‘Pantheist’ artwork

Coldwar Pantheist artworkIrish hardcore death metal punks Coldwar have unveiled the cover art (right) for their fifth album, ‘Pantheist’, which will be released via Candlelight Records on April 28th.

Coldwar guitarist Paul Nash explained the concept behind the Sean Fitzpatrick-designed cover:  “The artwork has a symbolic meaning to the subject matter throughout the album:  the darkness of the soul, esoteric symbology, natural evil, scrutinization of the irregularity of the Gregorian calendar, the meltdown crisis point at which capitalist society presently finds itself, and the possible final gasp of our current ‘material age’, to pave way for a potential revolutionary shift in values-consciousness for a jaded humanity… these are some of the varied concepts with which [we] lyrically engage on ‘Pantheist’.”

The opening track to the album, ‘Heart Of Darkness’, is currently streaming at

Coldwar play The Pint, Dublin (with special guests Overoth, plus Killface and Electric Taurus) on April 26th.


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