Cold in Berlin to release new EP ‘The Body is the Wound’ / Share video for ‘Dream One’


New Heavy Sounds are stoked to announce a new multi-record project by Cold in Berlin ‘The Wounds’. 

Consisting of an EP, The Body is the Wound, and an album, due in 2024, The Wounds is a musical vade mecum of what is to come in a fresh era for the band. 

Vocalist Maya explains: “The Wounds started as an idea about bringing together stories of loss and the idea that wounds can be growth, healing and that slow burn you use to fuel other fires.”

The Body is the Wound EP launches the next chapter in CIB’s journey.

Released on 19th January (New Heavy Sounds), the four tracks cover diverse musical ground, drawing ideas from krautrock, post-punk and doom, but always with the requisite amount of weight.  

Watch the video for the new single ‘Dream One’:

Director/camera: John Clay 

‘The Body is the Wound’ EP is the first new material from the band since the lauded 2019 album Rituals of Surrender. 

While Rituals ‘crushing doom-laden riffs… assaulted the speakers with its steady pulse of noise’ (Narc magazine), this new collection of songs are armed with a more diverse set of audio weaponry, firing crunchy synthesiser stabs at razor-sharp guitar riffs to create a hypnotic and inventive vehicle with which to carry vocalist Maya’s ‘tightly rhythmic and unrelenting cantankerous storm’ (MOJO) which could ‘fell oaks at 100 metres’ (Q). 

The lyrical themes dance around sex, murder, suicide and broken dreams, brought together in loose storytelling that allows listeners to add their own experiences and bring personal meaning. 

“I wanted to loosely tie the lyrics around two ideas,” explains Maya. “Psychology, which tells us the body houses the trauma we experience and carry with us – and Buddhism, which suggests there is no growth unless from pain; we choose to hold on to suffering even though we can learn not to, and so we continue in disillusionment – aware but not aware.” 

The Body is the Wound was recorded at Dalston’s Bear Bites Horse studio by Wayne Adams (Green Lung – Woodland Rites) and is an exciting precursor to a new album in 2024. 

Pre-order the EP –

‘A mesmerising set of doomy, goth-infused tracks’ – Metal Hammer

‘A voice that could fell oaks at 100 meters… razor-sharp guitar wizardry’ – Q

‘It’s impossible not to get sucked in by their dark whirlpool of noise‘ – Mojo

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