Coffins – The Fleshland

Coffins - Fleshland ArtworkSo far this year, I have come across quite a few excellent doom albums which show that the genre is well and truly alive and kicking butt in all corners of the planet we call Mosh – from the epic Greek godliness of Mahakala to the dark Swiss denseness of Rorcal, through to the brutal, DM-infused belligerence of this, the fourth full-lengther from Nipponese tsunami summoners Coffins.

‘The Fleshland’ combines the band’s usual love of angle-grinding riffs and deathly vocals with the sensibility of old school doom in a way which few bands can manage as effectively as this.

All of the right ingredients are here – huge, crushing bass and guitar riffs, drum blasts capable of causing an earthquake 2,000 miles away and evil, guttural vocals that sound like their progenitor, Uchino, has been dragged from the depths of purgatory to produce this resulting assault upon all the senses.

An inspirational example of what happens when grind, death and doom are melded together, with the sludgier elements of the latter removed to make way for the more melodic and joyous aspects of the two former miens.

‘The Fleshland’ will be released via Relapse Records on July 8th.   You can pre-order your copy of the CD, download or  double LP (including a deluxe black and white artwork edition) from

If you can’t wait until then, the album is currently streaming at

Coffins Euro Tour PosterTrack list:

  1. Here Comes Perdition
  2. Hellbringer
  3. The Colossal Hole
  4. No Saviour
  5. The Vacant Pale Vessel
  6. Rotten Disciples
  7. Dishuman
  8. The Unhallowed Tide
  9. Tormentopia

Coffins live dates:

August 7th – Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
August 8th – Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov, CZ
August 9th – Party San Metal Open Air, Schlotheim, Germany
August 10th – Ieperfest, Ieper, Belgium
August 11th – Bleh Fest @ The Unicorn, Camden, London, UK
August 12th – La Miroiterie, Paris, France
August 14th – Winston, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 15th – Kødboderne 18, Copenhagen, Denmark
August 16th – Pussy A Go Go, Stockholm, Sweden

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