Classic nwobhm icons Bronz Interviewed At Hard Rock Hell 2011 (3/12/11)

This is Lee Walker from conducting an interview with the band Bronz
LW –For those people out there who are just discovering Bronz as a result of this festival appearance how did the band come into being?

Shaun – Coz we released an album last year that had been hanging around for a few years and it received a lot of press interest and we got some really good feedback from the album. So we thought that we would get out and start playing it again. We all enjoyed doing it so we thought we would get out there and see what happens.

LW – There has been a lot of praise regarding your current album (“Carried by the storm”). How did the album come about?

Shaun – The album was originally recorded in 1985 so it was part of the original record deal we had with Bronze Records. It came about because we were making it our second album. Then the record company went bankrupt and the album got shelved, official receivers got involved and the whole thing was screwed basically. So how did it come about? about four or five years ago

Lee the initial base player, he had six months to live because he had cancer so I went into the studio with the mixes that I had the masters that I had and thought that I would finish it the way it should have been had it have been finished in 1985 before he died. So I finished it and sent it to all the guys in the band and Lee was overjoyed to be able to hear it finished. Having done that I thought I have an album that is finished. Lets do something with it so I got in touch with a publishing friend of mine in Switzerland and we did a deal and got it out there and its had some great press response and the band is back together stronger then ever musically. We have got Max back in the band so we have got our trump card back so we are happening.

LW – What are your favourite tracks from it?

Shaun – Personally “Cant Live without Your Love” and “Lights Die Down” which we are doing today.

LW – In terms of the bands playing Hard Rock Hell this weekend what ones are you looking forward to watching the most ?

Shaun – Well I’m going to check out all the bands really to see what is around. I haven’t got any in particular, I wanted to see Ace but he’s gone
Paul to Shaun – I think your going to get in and watch that band beer aren’t you?

Shaun to Paul – Beer yes, beer goggles (laughter)

LW – Max,  as a vocalist you have performed with a lot of bands such as Bronz, GTR, and Nightwing as well as collaborating with Mike Oldfield. Can you tell me a bit about your experiences during this era ?

Max – GTR was not a very good experience. I never got paid (Shaun shouts “and it was downhill from there wasn’t it” followed by mass laughter).

Max continues – I was dealing with two ego maniacs and you can put it on record. Steve Howe and Steve Hackett they were the two entities of the band. From day one they never got on with each other so the band was always doomed even before the album was released it was always doomed for disaster. So we went out and toured with an album release and it was never going to carry on any how. And then I had to seek employment. I went to become a milkman again and then got a few gigs with Mike Oldfield, a few bits and bobs to keep going, keep singing.

LW – You have played a lot of gigs and festivals over the years. Which one has been your most memorable performance to date?

Shaun – Back in the 80’s when we were doing Bronz in the states touring with Ratt. We played Red rocks (amphitheatre). It was sold out – an amazing gig.

Paul- It wasn’t the biggest venue but it was the most impressive venue.

Shaun -It was carved out of the side of a mountain you know. That’s a real rock venue.

LW – Scouring the internet I came across a snippet mentioning that you performed on “New Faces “TV show back in the early 80s. How did come about?

Max – (joking) No no it wasn’t true, it wasn’t me that. (laughter). It was someone else in disguise. It was Max Bygraves

LW – Was it something you regretted doing ?

Max – It was something that I never wanted to do but, this is another thing you can put on record, well I was told I was going to win which I didn’t otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. The guy who asked me, who is the same guy who does X Factor, executive producer, and he knows who is going to win.

LW – Moving on…

Max – His name is Richard Holloway. He was executive producer of New Faces and now X-Factor and he knows who is going to win.

Shaun – I can see the law suits flying around (laughter).

Shaun – Bring it on. (more laughter).

Shaun- It’d give us something to do

LW – Are there any bands from the rock/metal scene do you recommend keeping any eye on right now?

Shaun – Bonafide are pretty good;

Paul – Yes Bonafide are good;

Shaun – We saw them not so long back. Simon McBride. I think he played on the Thursday.

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Shaun – Just keep an eye on what the bands up to and we are hoping to do some more gigs and festivals in London next year. Check the website. Just keep abreast of what we are up to. We are planning on being busy. We are always pleased to see fans at gigs and hear from them on the internet, email the band. Just stay in touch. Generally.

Clive – Keep supporting rock bands coz there’s too much puff on the TV. Too much manufactured crap so try and get out there and support the local bands, you know feed the roots, get the bands through if you don’t feed the roots you don’t get the bands through.

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