Chrome Division – 3rd Round Knockout (CD)

Formed in 2004 by Dimmu Borgir front man Shagrath, Chrome Division’s line up consists of some of Norway’s finest. In 2009 Susperia’s Shady Blue, also known as Athera, took over the vocals from Eddie Guz taking Chrome Division to another level. With his vocal style, Shady has made this album stand out from most of the rock released these days.

Chrome Division not only made a statement with their own incredibly catchy, Straight, in your face style with this third, well produced album, but also covered Johnny Cash’s “Ghost Riders In The Sky” in one of the best versions I heard.


Track Listing:

01. Bulldogs Unleashed

02. 7 G-Strings

03. Join The Ride

04. Unholy Roller

05. Zombies & Monsters

06. Fight (Rumble and Roll)

07. The Magic Man

08. Long Distance Call Girl

09. Ghost Rider In The Sky

10. Satisfy My Soul

Release 6/5/11 on Nuclear Blast

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