Children of Technology – Mayhemic Speed Anarchy EP (Hells Headbangers Records)

Formed 2007 childrenand hailing from Italy they have been a busy band with 10+ releases behind them. Here on offer is 80’s thrash with punk influences along the lines of Trench Hell and to a lesser extent the likes of Destroyer666.

The production is excellent and the two 3 minute songs rush by in a flash. The riffs are catchy and addictive, my only criticism is that the speech and outro are hinting too much at a comedy angle which does detract from the sheer power of these tracks.

The 2nd track is a cover of Black Uniforms who were a Swedish punk band who appear to have taken most of their influences from the likes of Discharge, Bad Brains and Dead Kennedys. A satisfying punky thrash workout sounding similar to Toxic Holocaust.

The 7” single format still is the greatest way in which to discover new bands – short and to the point, not hard on the pocket and collectable.



  1. Mayhemic Speed Anarchy
  2. Computer World


Thermonuclear Thrashard                          Bass

Goddess of Hammering Chaos                   Drums

Splatterhead                                                      Guitars

Deathlord Astwulf                                           Vocals

Borys Crosburn                                                 Guitars

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