Charming Grace – ‘Charming Grace’

Charming Grace ArtworkYet another all-star project by Italian brothers Amos and Pierpaulo Monti, this time recruiting Wheels Of Fire vocalist Davide Barbieri to their ranks, along with a veritable who’s who of guests from the entire spectrum of the European AOR scene, this eponymous debut album is nothing more and nothing less than you would expect from those with the pedigree involved – highly-crafted and polished, beautifully written, performed and produced melodic rock of not quite the highest order but damn close to it.
It’s hard to argue with the sheer quality of both the songsmithery and its quality delivery.  I won’t.


Everytime You Touch My Heart / The Way You Feel Inside / Shining Light / Just Take My Hand / Close Your Eyes / Still Dreamin’ / The Sound Of Your Heart / Everybody’s Broken / The Answer Was You / Run Away / Through The Stars / Endless Flame / Bring My Life Back / Leave A Light On (bonus track)

‘Charming Grace’ is out now on Avenue Of Allies.



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