Cauldron and Primitai -The Black Heart, London – 20th September 2018

Thursday night in the heart of Camden and the masses are descending to the Black Heart to see a long promised heavy metal concert and bang their heads with an early start for the weekend.

The heavy metal ritual would commence at 8, with UK based Primitai on stage, promising a long set supporting Canadian Cauldron in their appearance in London after almost 2 years. Primitai have recently only released their new album and they have already conquered lots of UK cities as well as cities abroad, playing in lots of gigs and festivals since their album’s release. It was about time for them to visit London and enchant their crowd. Primitai delivered a stellar performance, with lots of nice double shredding, excellent vocals and thunderous drums. They played songs from both their new album and their older ones, and the crowd that was very scarce at the start was filling up the venue more and more as their set continued. From the first song till the last, the crowd engaged with the band, singing along, fist pumping and head banging to the riffs and the solos, showing clearly that they liked and enjoyed the set. The temperature was already starting to rise before the headliners were even close to the stage. Primitai really know how to capture their audience and their performance is almost guaranteed to be excellent from start to finish.

45 minutes later and after being topped up with lots of beer, Canadian heavy-metallers Cauldron came on stage, facing a packed up venue to entertain their crowd. My impression from the gig was that Cauldron really know how to put up a show and a performance. They have combined lots of heavy metal elements with their own signature sound and vocals and they know how to deliver that feeling to the audience. Their shredding riffage and pounding drums built up the tension and excitement from the crowd, which had gathered at the front to hug and head bang together; and the ones that didn’t make it to the front still engaged into the headbanging frenzy at the back. For a while the only thing I could see was hair all over the place and I could clearly hear the crowd singing every single chorus along with the band. The highlight was the eruption of the crowd when Cauldron played some of the old favourites, even though their response to the new songs (again Cauldron have only recently released a new album) was equally filled with excitement. Cauldron played with a real attitude and showmanship, especially when the singer playfully asked that “You don’t think we’re playing till 11pm, do you?”. And of course he got the equal response of a crazy crowd waiting to listen to more.

To wrap things up, I went downstairs to grab a drink midway through the set and the only person there was the barmaid. That is when you realise that a show is good, when everyone is upstairs head banging with the band and having a good time. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the party continued on afterwards with an amazing DJ set from the Wizards (owning the best record store in London, Crypt of the Wizard) that really closed up an amazing night. Now we’re all waiting for this brilliant night to be repeated soon.

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