CARL VERHEYEN set to tour the UK later this month

Carl Verheyen TourSupertramp and widely respected guitarist Carl Verheyen has released his new album ‘Mustang Run‘ and announced a UK/European tour – accompanying him will be Stu Hamm (bass) and John Mader (drums)

UK Tour 2014:
25th Sept – LONDON – Borderline
26th Sept – MANCHESTER – Band On The Wall
27th Sept – KENDAL – Brewery Arts Centre
28th Sept – CARDIFF – The Globe
29th Sept – LEAMINGTON SPA – The Zephyr Lounge
30th Sept – CHESTERFIELD – Realtime Live
2nd Oct – ABERDEEN – The Lemon Tree
3rd Oct – GLASGOW – Broadcast
4th Oct – BATHGATE – Dreadnaught Rock Club
5th Oct – ULLAPOOL – Ullapool Guitar Festival (with special guest John Jorgenson)

About his new album ‘Mustang Run’ –  “I wanted to break free of the mould of ‘the Carl Verheyen Band’ and do a progressive instrumental album.”

Carl Verheyen mustang runVerheyen goes on to say: “I wanted the opportunity to weave thick textures of sound using dozens of instruments and tones. My motivation was the sheer joy of hearing those sounds in the air.”  Mustang Run features guest performances by Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman, Jerry Goodman, Bill Evans, Jimmy Johnson, Stuart Hamm and Gregg Bissonette.”

Verheyen says: “My previous album Trading 8s was a collaboration with some of my guitar player friends. I had Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, Albert Lee and Rick Vito trading solos with me.”

“On Mustang Run I wanted that inspiration to come from the rhythm section, so I called different bass players and drummers to suit the songs. I love to play with musicians that I have a deep musical relationship with, because the studio scene in LA breeds hundreds of casual musical relationships. The great players on Mustang Run are all friends that I’ve known and performed with for years.”

Mustang Run is out now via Cranktone Entertainment.

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