Camden Rocks Festival Announces Saturday Headliner 

 Camden Rocks Festival Announces Saturday Headliner 


And Further Bands Added To Already Stellar Weekend Line Up

Early Bird Tickets Already SOLD OUT!!!

A Celebration Of Camden’s Rich Musical And Cultural Heritage

“Camden Rocks is where you can enjoy more than 200 bands – as long as you don’t mind skipping between more than 20 venues. We’re talking decent music… Quality and Quantity” Metro

“Camden remains at the heart of where generations of new music gets its start and I’m proud to be a part of that tradition.” Billy Bragg

“”It’s great to see punters and bands from all genres come together to celebrate the best of live music. The energy across the day is electric and does Camden’s rock and roll heritage proud”. Chris McCormack, Camden Rocks Festival Organiser

After launching its 2019 edition with a hugely impressive list of bands in late 2018, Camden Rocks Festival announces today the Saturday headliner: Frank Turner. Alongside the acclaimed, multi-talented punk and folk singer songwriter, Camden Rocks Festival is proud to introduce an additional 90 bands to the bill. These include legends such as American punk icon Richie Ramone, British alt-rock five piece The Wonder Stuff, London’s own punk-rockers The Professionals alongside the cream of new talent such as indie-rock prodigies Eliza And The Bear, alt classic rock band The Dirty Thrills, noisey punk upstarts Queen Bee, the atmospheric indie rock of Gold Key and the all Japanese girl garage punk of Mutant Monsters.

The new additions to the Camden Rocks Festival 2019 join an already impressive list of talent from rock, indie, alternative, folk and punk music and its myriad of hybrids – a diverse list including the likes of Ash, Ratboy, New Model Army, Wheatus, Carl Barat, Ginger Wildheart, Milk Teeth, Pretty Vicious, Raging Speedhorn, Angelic Upstarts, The Virginmarys, The Last Internationale and many many more.

Not only does Camden Rocks Festival showcase the very best UK and international emerging talent alongside much love established acts but the event provides vital lifeblood to Camden’s infrastructure of established music venues. In a time when music venues across the UK are closing, Camden’s rich diversity of venues should be celebrated and cherished. As Frank Turner alludes to below, many of the UK’s finest acts received their musical education in Camden Town – and this is not something any supporter of music should take for granted or let go to waste.

Frank Turner says: I (mis) spent my youth getting the train to London and the tube to Camden as fast as I could, because I knew it was the epicentre of where I wanted to be in life. As an adult I’ve lived in and around Camden, and now I’m at the Camden Rocks Festival. It feels like exactly the right place for me to be, it feels like home. I can’t wait.”

Richie Ramone says: “We are very excited to return to Camden for the coolest festival in my favorite part of London. With all the history this area has to offer, as well as a great weekend of live music, why would you want to be anywhere else. This is one party not to be missed!” 

Miles Hunt from The Wonderstuff says: “It’s been a very long time since we played such an intimate venue and are really looking forward to it.”

Taking place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2019, the festival, now in its eighth year, is established as one of the must-see events in the UK musical calendar. Over 15,000 punters will have the opportunity to see over 400 bands in 20 venues across Camden, London, over two days. Camden Rocks Festival will host over 3,000 musicians over the weekend. Previous Camden Rocks read like a who’s who of music – see HERE.

There are certain areas across the UK that are woven into the fabric of the countries musical DNA. Camden is one. A district of North West London that’s been at the forefront of Rock N Roll and alternative culture for five decades. As venues close in many cities and towns around the UK, Camden remains a thriving hub of music and culture. So much so that there is talk of Camden receiving its own Hollywood Boulevard-style Walk of Fame in 2019.

The festival has prided itself in not only bringing some of the finest and best known and loved acts in the world but also in showcasing some of the brightest, freshest global talent. The day or weekend tickets will grant punters access to all the venues on a first come, first served basis, in addition to everything else Camden has to offer in terms of food, culture and shopping. Camden Rocks is a chance for the UK music scene to come together and celebrate everything that is great in this country. Just as the USA has SXSW, so the UK has Camden Rocks Festival. The festival sees fans travel from not only the UK, but all over the world.

The full list of new band announced is:

Saturday 1stJune
Frank Turner
The Professionals
Richie Ramone
Area 11
Warrior Soul
Bad Touch
Adam Masterson
The Dirty Thrills
The Tip
Sweet Things
The Bottom Line
Heavy Rapids
Queen Zee
Los Pepes
Catholic Action
Towers of London
Jayce Lewis
The Hip Priests
Ondt Blod
River Becomes Ocean
Millie Manders and The Shutup
Karima Francis
The Estevans
Brand New Friend
The Howlers
The Empty Page
Gold Key
Guitar Gangsters
Pretty Pistol
Via Dolorosa
Last Great Dreamers
Young Garbo
Rubber Jaw
Bad Solution

Sunday 2ndJune
The Wonder Stuff
Random Hand
Eliza and The Bear
Sonic Boom Six
Lotus Eater
John J Presley
The Pearl Harts
The Luka State
White Trash
Red Method
Sworn Amongst
Delaire The Liar
The Kut
Kit Trigg
The Franklys
Suzie Stapleton
Tony Goff & The Broken Colours
Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison
Mutant Monster
Short Stories
Ringo Franco
Sweet Crisis
Bengal Lancers
Die Ego
No Fit State
Natalie Shay
Priests to Pilots

The above artists join the already announced acts below for Camden Rocks Festival 2019 –

Ash, Ratboy, New Model Army, Wheatus, Carl Barat, Ginger Wildheart, Milk Teeth, Pretty Vicious, Raging Speedhorn, Angelic Upstarts, The Virginmarys, The Last Internationale, Bang Bang Romeo, REWS, Annabel Allum, Big Boy Bloater and the LiMiTs, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Loath, Soeur, Rascalton, St Agnes, Indian Queens, Asylums, Lock,, Press To Meco, Hands Off Gretel, Flesh Tetris, Exist Immortal, KING CREATURE, The Wood,, Burning Savages, Death Remains, The Skinner Brothers, The Hyena Kill, Riskee & The Ridicule, Fine Creatures, Phoxjaw, Black Futures, Funeral Shakes, FLIGHT BRIGADE, Soap Girls, Deux Furieuses, The Wild Things, Bitch Falcon, Faers, Coast To Coast, The Five Hundred, No Violet, Wild Front, THECITYISOURS, JOANovARC, Black Orchid Empire, Colt 48, Oxygen Thief, Alexis Kings,Sick Love, Lebrock, Knocksville, Healthy Junkies, Lots Holloway, Janus Stark, Colt 45, Apollo Junction, Mellor, Luke Rainsford, Tokyo Taboo, The Dirty Strangers, Living On Universal Denial, RYUKETSU BLIZZARD, Thunder on The Left, Pet Needs, Rich Ragany & the Digressions, Bexatron, David Stevens And The Beguiled, This Years Ghost, Mick O’Toole, Unknown Chapters, The Muffin Heads, The Idol Dead, Glossii, toffees, River Hounds, Flavour Nurse, Bugeye, Rhyn, Black Sixteen, 10 Gauge, Plain Sails, Man The Lifeboats, Matty James Cassidy, Weekend Recovery, THE SILVER BAYONETS, Brightlight City, TWO YEAR BREAK, DAM_FINO, Arcane Militia, Repair to Ruin, Lighthouse, At The Sun, Jonny Weathers And Cosmic Scream, Panic Island, L Sicario, Lunar Echoes, Playmaker, Juicebox, Youth Illusion, As Sirens Fall, The Black Roses, Cavalcade, Maxx Palmer, LEE PA++ERSON, The Gulps, Dead At Eleven, Albany, Angerland, Late Night Legacy, Indya, The Good Tenants.

Camden Rocks Festival is an over 18’s event.

Before announcing any bands all early bird tickets are now SOLD OUT
Day or weekend tickets are available HERE

For festival tickets plus travel and accommodation options for both UK and rest of the world please see Festicket HERE.

For further information on Camden Rocks Festival including FAQs please see

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