BURNT OUT WRECK Release Their Own Branded Whisky

BURNT OUT WRECK have just released their own branded Whisky. It’s available from WVA Whisky Auctions and will soon be available from Amazon and on the shelves at all good Whisky sales outlets. This is a Moat And Norrie venture and they will also be releasing their new Burnt Out Wreck branded wine at the end of September.

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Burnt Out Wreck Whisky Tasting Notes:

A well-structured and balanced blend which shows its quality

Colour; Pale Straw

Nose; Light floral notes, undiluted it has barley sugar, ginger and oak which opens up with a drop of water to show chocolate and vanilla.

Palate; On the palate it has a creamy and buttery texture, well rounded and silky.

Taste; Dried Fruits and candied peel develop on the tongue with some peppery spicy notes.

Finish; A Medium to long finish, which is both sweet and clean.

Whisky Review Written by Tim Shepherd of Whisky Master Class.

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An article in Tom Cannavan‘s Wine Pages.com on winemaker Andrew Norrie, who joined with Gary from Burnt Out Wreck and headed out on their Moat And Norrie venture:
(2018) Over the past couple of years I have reported on a few wines being made by Scottish winemaker Andrew Norrie, who after spending some years working with Pinalta in the Douro Valley, moved there and is now making a small range of wines. Interestingly, this wine (and a whisky) was made/blended for a British hard rock band called Burnt Out Wreck, and is being marketed to their fans, I suspect a project and musical genre close to Andrew’s heart. The wine is 80% Touriga Nacional and 20% Touriga Franca from the Tua Valley, foot trodden in lagars before four months in French oak. Deeply coloured, there’s a lovely violet edge to the fruit, pepper and a sense of elegance to red and black berries. Very pure, essence of blackberry fruit on the palate, a nice biting edge of cherry skin and plum skin acidity. Tannins do a good job here, nicely roughening the vivid fruitiness, in a balanced tangy finish. Anyone looking for more information can link up with Andrew on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/andrew.norrie.3

A quote from Andrew Norrie on how this all came about:
“The reason I invested in BOW was when I was working as a chef a few people that I worked with went on to be members of famous bands. I worked with Stump the drummer from the Almighty at the WM company in Edinburgh and we would talk about how he was thinking of leaving the catering trade to go full time into the music industry .When we needed a Kitchen porter while working at the RBS it turned out the guy the agency sent was trying to get Idlewild off the ground and he was trying to get some money together to record a demo .These are just a couple of examples of people who followed their dreams and I wished I had stayed in closer contact with them .

Friday was the night to listen to the Friday night rock show with Tommy Vance and I was hooked from the first time I heard that magical rock sound. The first real gig I went to was Saxon in 1980 in the playhouse in Edinburgh and I saw many a famous rock band there in the 1980s one memory that sticks in my mind is getting 6 of the belt at school the day after seeing Iron maiden on the killers tour I had been right up against the PA and my ears where still ringing , my teacher thought I was ignoring him in class but the real reason was that I could not hear him due to the ringing in my ears . I say Gary in his Heavy petting days in the playhouse supporting Ozzy and Kiss little did I know some 30 odd years later our paths would cross again.

Looking back. I kept asking myself what if. So, I decided to bite the bullet and stop wondering what might be and just go ahead and do it. As my interest has been in wine and spirits over the last few years I sounded out my idea of launching a whisky with Claire Moat the wife of Gary Moat and founder of Burnt Out Wreck . We both thought it was a great project to work on and the final product is a idea that was followed through and brought forth the whisky that is now being launched with a exclusive wine also in the pipeline. We decided that we both wanted something different and sourced quality over hype, after all BOW and their music represents them, with the Burnt Out Wreck name on the bottle you can be confident that you are getting a product that delivers on taste and quality after all its got our name on the bottle.”

Andrew Norrie

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Debut album ‘Swallow’

The debut album from ex Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat & Burnt Out Wreck was released Spring 2017. ‘Swallow’ is a huge slice of full on, punchy classic hard rock with guitar riffs galore! Released on TRHRC through Cherry Red Records, this album is every bit as good as you would expect from one of Scotland’s original rock n rollers, Gary Moat.


Gary created BURNT OUT WRECK in the summer of 2016. After penning songs for an album, he ventured into the studio under the watchful eye of Steve Rispin (Asia), and with Gary’s determination to create good time classic rock, ‘SWALLOW’ began to take shape.

Whilst in the studio, people were already talking about the new project and within a week Gary had signed to TRHRC via Cherry Red and Eddy Levy at Chelsea Music Publishing Company. At Chelsea, he joins a roster that includes Tony Iommi, Art Garfunkel, Jeff Beck etc, and both deals are worldwide.

Gary has a colourful history as the drummer and main songwriter for Heavy Pettin’. The band were signed to Polydor and Warner Chappell in 1983 with help from Def Leppard’s manager Peter Mensch. They toured extensively until 1988 with Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Ratt, Motley Crue, Saxon, Accept and Magnum amongst others, as well as headlining their own tours.

They recorded three albums with different producers: Brian May on ‘Lettin’ Loose’ in 1983, Mark Dearnley on ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ in 1985, and Adrian Lee/Tony Taverner on ‘The Big Bang’ in 1989 on FM Records. They also played the likes of Reading Festival, Loreley and other major festivals, as well as recording The Friday Rock Show for Tommy Vance & Tony Wilson.

For BURNT OUT WRECK, Gary has traded the drum stool for the microphone and has handed the drumming chair to beater Paul Gray. Adrian Dunn has been Gary’s partner in guitar crime since 1991 and was the obvious choice to be the lead guitarist. GARY headed over the wall to the land of the kilt to recruit Alex Carmichael on bass. Alex is from Eighties band La Paz, and finally Miles Goodman, long-time friend of Gary and Adrian joined as rhythm guitarist.

GARY has his own imitable style. He is compared frequently to Bon Scott and Marc Storace and he accepts this as a compliment, his vocal style developed in Mother’s Ruin, the band that rose from the ashes of Heavy Pettin’ in 1991. There followed a few years’ hiatus until 2011 when Mother’s Ruin supported Duff McKagan, played HRH Ibiza and the Bulldog Bash, all to great reviews & press interest. In 2014, he shut the the whole operation down in favour of song writing, BURNT OUT WRECK’S inception was unexpected but welcome! ROCK AINT DEAD….

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