Boyjazz – Unlimited nights & weekends

Boyjazz were founded in California in 2002.  They released their debut album “In the city tonight” in 2004.  In 2006 they entered the studio to record their second album – “Unlimited nights & weekends”, but due to problems with record labels the album got shelved and has only received a belated release six years later.

First of all I have to say one thing – Boyjazz really need to seriously think about changing their name as it will put a lot of people off – if I was browsing through the CD’s in a record shop I’d certainly have skipped past this album without giving it any attention.  When you hear the name Boyjazz, it definitely doesn’t conjure up images of a good rock band, which is a shame as this is a great band – just one with a pretty awful name.

Ok criticism of the name aside, this is a great release.  When I put the CD on I had low expectations, and certainly wasn’t expecting the driving twin guitars, heavy bass lines and Rob Halford sounding vocals – this is a damn good heavy rock album.  It’s well produced too, so the sound is nice and sharp and has lots of power.

This album is going to appeal to a wide range of classic hard rock and heavy fans, from fans of Judas Priest to Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, The Answer and many more.  There’s a clear nod towards Alice Cooper during “45 in the ashtray” with its chorus “school’s out, school’s out forever”

A fantastic rock album – ignore the silly band name and give this a listen – you won’t regret it.

“Unlimited nights & weekends” is out now via For Once Records.

Rating: 9/10

Boyjazz are:

Adam Hobbs – Lead Vocals
Eric Murriguez – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Dan Brubaker – Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Alex Pauley – Bass, Backup Vocals
Aaron Levin – Drums, Backup Vocals

Track listing:

1. Woman come to man
2. 45 in the ashtray
3. Woman in love
4. She’s got gold
5. The monsters are smarter
6. Pocket unicorn
7. Hot on the phone
8. Danger danger
9. Treat steamin’
10. Booze

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