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Body Count

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On 17 August 2014
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Body_Count_ManslaughterBody Count featuring legendary rapper Ice-T return with their 5th album ‘Manslaughter‘ on Sumerian Records. Opening with the first single off the album ‘Talk Shit, Get Shot’ and a classic Ernie-C riff shows that it’s business as usual from the LA rockers, going straight for the jugular as Ice-T spits out what will happen to the faceless keyboard warriors of the internet age if they diss Body Count!

This is quite possibly the strongest album that the band have released to date, while there is nothing new here if you were a fan of their 1992 début album you are going to love this I’m sure. Strong riffs with Ice-T’s incite full words cutting through the maelstrom of sound and telling you exactly how it is in modern day America if not the world.

Personal favourite tracks for myself both come at the end of the album ‘Wanna Be A Gangsta’ with it’s changes in tempo and style which I love is then followed by the monster of ‘I Will Always Love You’ with it’s slow but powerful grind as Ice talks about returning American forces not receiving the respect and credit when they return home. The only track on the album that I’m not sure about is the bands cover of the Suicidal Tendencies classic ‘Institutionalized’ which I think just doesn’t sit very well with the bands own material.


Overall this is easily the bands strongest album since their ground breaking 1992 début album with it’s sharp riffs and Ics-T’s incite full commentary on the modern day world making for a future classic Body Count album. Body Count are clearly back in da house  and hopefully coming to a stage near you as they tour with this new gem, a prospect I’m fully looking forward to as live they have never disappointed.


Track Listing:

  1. Talk Shit, Get Shot
  2. Pray For Death
  3. 99 Problems BC
  4. Back To Rehab
  5. Manslaughter
  6. Get A Job
  7. Institutionalized
  8. Pop Bubble (featuring Jamey Jasta)
  9. Enter The Dark Side
  10. Bitch In The Pit
  11. Black Voodoo Sex
  12. Wanna Be A Gangsta
  13. I Will Always Love You
  14. 99 Problems BC Rock mix


Body CountLine-up:

  • Ice-T – vocals
  • Ernie C – lead guitar
  • Ill Will – drums
  • Vincent Price – bass
  • Juan of the Dead – rhythm guitar
  • Sean E Sean – backing vocals, sampler

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