Bloody Times – On A Mission.

Bloody Times

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On 27 January 2019
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Heavy metal at its finest dished out wholeheartedly by Bloody Times.

The aptly titled On A Mission album from Bloody Times available now from Rock N Growl Promotion sees the core trio of John Greely on lead/backing vocals, Raphael Saini on drums and Simon Pfundstein on bass guitar/backing vocals joined by an array of guest artists including ex Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss.

Album opener ‘Alliance’ features Ross which is not surprisingly Manowar influenced as he riffs and solos with aplomb over a fist clenching lead vocal delivery and marching rhythms that pound along majestically. The riffs in ‘Fort Sumter’ buzz throughout backed by some killer guitar solos as the lyrics are belted out with enough conviction fittingly for the songs subject matter. The lengthy guitar dominated intro to ‘Die In A Hole’ is followed by a lung busting vocal as a crushing instrumental section blazes towards another powerhouse vocal.

‘Curse Of Genevieve’ is a melodic chugger with huge choruses as it eases out on simple guitar lines. ‘Future Secret’ begins with a two minute power chord heaven piece that settles into a heavy grind as vocals muscle their way into power ballad mode. The band like long intros and ‘Operation Focus’ opens with a bass guitar and drum one followed by no frills heavy metal of gritty vocals and razor sharp riffing. ‘The Warning (Until Blood Boils Part One)’ is a brief bass heavy slice of doom with riffs that resonate over a spoken word demonic vocal that goes straight into ‘The Revenge (Until Blood Boils Part Two)’ is the heaviest and fastest track on the album as it hurtles along on mid paced thrash riffing backed by wrist snapping snare work and banshee wailed vocals.

Final number ‘Day Of Collapse’ deals with the Twin Towers disaster with the refrain of “Two hundred thousand tons of steel collapsed on that day, two hundred thousand tons of steel fall to the ground” over a full on gallop to the finish line giving us one last chance to get the air guitars out!


Bloody Times band line up/guest artists :-

John Greely – Lead/backing vocals.

Raphael Saini – Drums.

Simon Pfundstein – Bass guitar/backing vocals.

Ross The Boss – Rhythm/solo guitar.

Rudiger Weib – Keyboards.

Judas – Rhythm guitar.

Kikidakis S.Nickolas – Solo guitar.

Balasz Fleischhauver – Rhythm/solo guitar.

Marco Cossu – Rhythm/solo guitar.

Rainer Pfundstein – Rhythm/solo guitar.

Heavy metal at its finest dished out wholeheartedly by Bloody Times.

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