Bloodstock 2015 – The PlanetMosh Picks

Bloodstock 2015

With Bloodstock Open Air Festival now only 2 weeks away, we asked the inhabitants of PlanetMosh Towers to recommend a few bands (and entertainment) that you need to see at Catton Hall. Before you start scanning the advance weather forecasts and packing your tents, take the time to check out our picks for the UK’s best metal weekend.

Within Temptation (Ronnie James Dio Stage, Saturday) – As someone who remembers the bands headline slot at Bloodstock way back in 2005, this is a real coup and an honour to have them back. The festival and indeed the band have changed in many ways in the meantime, so it will be interesting to see how Sharon and the boys tailor their set for this highly anticipated performance. Whatever they decide to play though I’m sure everyone will be totally immersed in the music of one of the hottest properties in Rock at the minute. – Simon Bower

The New Blood Stage (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) – New blood is where its at, end of story. Think of all the bands you love… once upon a time, someone took a chance on them and the rest was history. Bloodstock is the only festival that gives unsigned bands an opportunity to play. Not just one or two bands on a pissy little stage at the back of the campsite in old Nellie Rafferty’s cabbage patch, but a whole weekend of new talent on its own towering stage slap bang in the main arena. Get your ass into the New Blood tent and you might just find your new favourite band. Metal 2 The Masses is unique, it gives all these bands that chance to showcase their music at a major festival. Bands will be playing their asses off at this, the biggest moment of their careers and you can be part of that memory for them. Last year I discovered Metaprism and now they are on the SOPHIE stage on the opening night of the festival. That’s substansial proof that New Blood is the beginning of something special for many. 2015 bands that I am already familiar with include Animator, Wretched Toad, Martyr De Mona and Bloodyard and that’s just the tip of the New Blood iceberg. – Steve Dempsey

Rob Zombie (Ronnie James Dio Stage, Sunday) – Manson can only dream to be as good as him – David Farrell
The spooktacular sensation that is Rob Zombie will be closing the weekend at Bloodstock and it is going to be a belter. Get your last orders in and get to the party. This is the performance of the weekend that is not to be missed. “Look. I know the supernatural is something that isn’t supposed to happen, but it does happen”. Let’s see what RZ has planned for us. – SD

Mastiff (New Blood Stage, Sunday) – Mastiff may not be a name you are familiar with but are seriously worthy of checking out . The lads from Hull with their hard hitting brand of Hardcore will see this as an ideal opportunity to get themselves right into everyone’s faces, you have been warned. – Simon Bower

Bast (Sophie Stage, Friday) – This London based trio have been shaking things up in the underground over the last few years with their dark, grim sound mixed with delicate moments of reflection and emotion. I first became interested in them when I head their name mentioned, being interested in anything Middle Eastern due to my heritage I put the name in my mental “check them out later” list until I saw the stunning artwork by Craig Bryant for their full length album Spectres when listening to it briefly in a friend’s car. I witnessed their live set at a very sweaty Damnation which was incredible, their huge sound filled every crevice in the room in an unrelenting assault to the senses. Considering I couldn’t even see the stage that’s saying something.
They’ve just recently come back from a European tour and things don’t look likely to be quieting down for these guys, with Bloodstock and then Netherlands’ Incubate festival on the way the sky is the limit. Catch them on the Sophie Stage and be prepared to be blown away. – Aisha Louisa Al-Sadie

Armored Saint and Opeth (Ronnie James Dio Stage, Friday/Saturday) – My 2 bands for Bloodstock are Armored Saint purely for the reason to see John Bush playing in the UK again and for Opeth because they defy all musical boundaries for doing whatever they want to do. – Dennis Jarman

Martyr De Mona (New Blood Stage, Saturday) -The delicious complexity and epic seductiveness of Martry de Mona will leave you wanting more and reaching for your oxygen. High energy no holds bared metal that you really need to checkout. Don’t be a Martyr or a Mona just get your ass over and checkout MARTYR DE MONA. – Sam Hill

Dead Label (Sophie Stage, Sunday) – This Irish three piece are ready to unleash their second album ‘Throne Of Bones’ very soon and their appearance on the SOPHIE stage is going to blow the cobwebs off the crowd. Witness the powerhouse that is Claire Percival on the drums and the deathgroove that her, Danny and Dan lay down will certainly impress. Check out their PlanetMosh interview from earlier in the year

Morass Of Molasses (Jagermeister Stage, Saturday) – Morass = Boggy or muddy Molasses = A by product of sugar cane. But when you put it together and use the other meanings you get Morass = Complicated Molasses = sweet heavy fluid. So At this years Bloodstock go and checkout Morass of Molasses and you will be treated to a Heavy, Sweet, Complex and fluid set by these up and coming chaps. Get there and feel the power.

Sabaton ( Ronnie James Dio Stage, Friday) – Sabaton always put on a great show and when they were announced many felt they should have headlined over Trivium, such is their popularity. Expect great power metal and a high energy set. We hope they’ll be bringing their giant tank drum riser with them.- Anthony May

Lawnmower Deth (Sophie Stage, Sunday) – These deranged lunatics can probably claim credit for inspiring bands like Evil Scarecrow. With song titles like “Drink to be sick” and “watch out grandma here comes a lawnmower” you know it’s going to be a fun set. Always entertaining, these guys are well worth watching. – Anthony May

The Medieval Knights (Main Arena, every day) – Every year, the knights of Bloodstock assemble just inside the entrance to the festival arena and beat the living crap out of each other. No one holds back and this is good violent entertainment that is well worth checking out if you need a break from the metal. Grab a burger, and feast while ye olde Knights lay waste to their foes. – Nikita Minton

Delain (Sophie Stage, Friday) – For me, Delain has the potential to be the best band of the weekend. In the live setting, they are a beast of a band and The Human Contradiction was one of the strongest albums of 2014. Music has the power to touch the hearts of many and when Charlotte and the guys play ‘We Are The Others” on the SOPHIE Stage, there is not going to be a dry eye in the house. Be there, be with all the “Others”. – Steve Dempsey

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