Blood Thread – The Tolerance is Over EP

The Tolerance is Over EP
The Tolerance is Over EP

Glaswegian death metallers Blood Thread have been on the go since about 2009 and their first EP, The Tolerance is Over, is a sound platform to grow and build on from.

Released under Dooweet Records and available from their bandcamp page below, the first thing I have to commend them on is the high production values of this EP. It sounds chunky and that in itself lends a huge impact to each of the three tracks on display. Opening track Bawbag kicks the EP off with a bang at good pace before it breaks down into a slow heavy grind while Titan Step seems to throw everything including the kitchen sink together with blast beats, grooving riffs and low end melodies. Final track Captured in Stone rounds the EP off with more pounding and driving riffage and is probably the most straightforward track as it builds up to its blast-beat induced ending.

As I had mentioned above, for a first EP the sound production is pretty much flawless to my ears. However, if you’re going to tout that you “merge crushing creative riffs with huge grooves, insane blast beats and off kilter rhythms and odd time signatures delivered with a real sense of urgency” then you really have to deliver on that promise. On that note this EP doesn’t quite live up to the band’s own sales pitch. True, there are indeed insane blast beats (can blast beats be anything else truly?) and some heavy grooves in places but off-kilter rhythms and odd time signatures I’m not so sure I entirely agree.

That said, all these kinds of things can indeed be rectified, very easily too, through experience. I have no doubt, from listening to this initial offering, that Blood Thread will indeed come true to that promised pitch.

The Tolerance is Over is available now from Blood Thread’s bandcamp page below

Blood Thread
Blood Thread

Track Listing:
1. Bawbag
2. Titan Step
3. Captured in Stone

Blood Thread are:
Kevin Dyson – Vocals
David Ferguson – Guitars
Peter Wall – Guitars
Greg Tees – Bass
Basta Nodrea – Drums


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