BLOOD OF THE SUN – “Burning On The Wings Of Desire”

70’S Rock at it’s finest, delivered with jaw dropping excellence, an absolute must!


If the name of Texan band Blood Of The Sun is unfamiliar to you, then you need to get familiarised pretty damn sharpish.
Here at Planetmosh HQ we get to hear all of the latest genres of Rock and Metal on a daily basis, some good, some bad, some just downright ugly. Therefore when this album fell into my denim clad lap claiming to ‘carry on the tradition of classic 70’s Rock…’ I instinctively reached for the salt pot to take a pinch. How platform booting wrong was I, not only does it carry on the tradition, it bloody well grabs it by the scruff of the tartan clad neck and throws it forward faster than a Spacehopper on a Spangles sugar rush.
Opening track ‘Let It Roll’ does exactly that, a cymbal crashing drum sound with the mother of all ’chug a chug’ riffs that had my feet tapping so hard I’ve done in my metatarsals.
The whole album is pretty much unrelenting, energy packed 70’s Rock of the highest order, rarely falling below the red line except for the odd breather as shown on the Southern tinged ’Brings Me Down’, before accelerating away again on the thunderous ’Rock Your Station’.
This actually represents the bands fourth full length offering, 2004’s ’Blood Of The Sun’, 2007’s ’In Blood We Rock’ and 2008’s ’Death Ride’ all revolving around the core element of founding members Henry Vasquez on drums and Dave Gryder on keyboards together with numerous guest musicians, including Derek St Holmes (Ted Nugent) on the latter.
Joining the guys on this release are John O’Daniel and Rusty Burns (Point Blank) and perhaps most notably Tony Reed (Mos Generator) who produced, helped write and performs on the album, all of which ends up creating a true masterpiece that has proved to be an absolute joy and pleasure to listen to .
Album closer ’Good And Evil’ has the line ’A lot of people want to see you fail…’ which may or may not be true but I guarantee that anyone who listens to this record will wish the band every success with what is rapidly cementing itself at number one in my album of the year chart.

Rating 10/10

Track Listing;

1. Let It Roll.
2. Burning On The Wings Of Desire.
3. Can’t Stop My Heart.
4. Brings Me Down.
5. Rock Your Station.
6. Good Feeling.
7. The Snitch.
8. Good And Evil.


Burning On The Wings Of Desire sees its release via Listenable Records on the 5th of November.



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