Blaze Bayley – The Redemption Of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)

Blaze Bayley

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On 25 March 2018
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A masterpiece of heavy metal.

If you could get an O.B.E for sheer determination then Blaze Bayley would have a drawer full by now. Currently on a fifty three date European tour, he has just released his tenth solo album The Redemption Of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III) via Blaze Bayley Recordings, the third and final album to conclude his Infinite Entanglement trilogy.

Co written and produced by Chris Appleton who also provides guitar duties, the rest of his very tight band is made up of Martin McNee on drums and Karl Schramm on bass guitar. ‘Redeemer’ begins with the first of many stirring spoken word intros on the album over heavy riffing as it careers along into potent power metal with intense guitar fills and there is no mistaking the conviction in Blaze’s vocals as he soars high and mighty. ‘Are You Here’ is all jabbing riffs that accelerate as Blaze vents his spleen as more over the top guitar solos precede a full on outro.

The metal bar is raised higher in ‘Immortal One’ with buzzing riffs and a warp speed solo that defies belief. ‘The First True Sign’ is a mid paced chugger backed by catchy guitar harmonies and some hefty drumming from Martin. ‘Human Eyes’ is an extraordinary calm to a storm ballad as a plaintive acoustic guitar vies with a heart tugging vocal that totally captivates as the song builds to a tension of lone power chords followed by frenetic solos and metronomic drums. ‘Prayers Of Light’ is powered by a spoken word intro from Chris Jericho, a high pitched lead vocal, intense riffing with a chest beating battle metal like midsection and backing vocal from Luke Appleton.

‘Eighteen Days’ has a Celtic rock vibe running through this magnum opus, a huge chorus and a stirring duet vocal from Blaze and Liz Owen. ‘Already Won’ has anthem written all over it due to Blaze’s mighty bellow and a wall of riffs that surge throughout. The hairs on the back of my neck rose during the power balladry of ‘Life Goes On’ that moved from a poignant acoustic first minute dominated by Blaze that headed full bore into a headbanging power metal workout. Fasten your seat belts for the drum driven ‘The Dark Side Of Black’ that contains some jaw dropping guitar work and the album closes with my personal highlight ‘Eagle Spirit’, the nine minute, Manowar like epic that runs a whole range of emotions in a roller coaster ride of time changes. A fitting end to the trilogy of Infinite Entanglement.

Album track listing :-


Are You Here.

Immortal One.

The First True Sign.

Human Eyes.

Prayers Of Light.

Eighteen Days.

Already Won.

Life Goes On.

The Dark Side Of Black.

Eagle Spirit.




A masterpiece of heavy metal.

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