Blackmore’s Night-A Knight in York dvd

Recorded in September 2011, A Knight In York is the third live DVD release from Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night and their wandering band of minstrels who have now been around since 1997 playing their take on renaissance era music. A rustic stage setting decked out with trees and barrels provides the perfect stage setting, no Marshall stacks, dry ice or big screens here, coupled with just the bare minimum of stage lighting, it all help’s to bring a medieval look and feel to the stage.
This is certainly not every body’s cup of mead, me included, however I felt compelled to watch it all, if only to give it an open and honest review and I can say, is that I enjoyed it immensely. There is a genuine sense of warmth emanating from the stage, with Ritchie showing us a smile every now and again, his guitar playing is sublime, and Candice’s vocals are both Melodic and Haunting.
The DVD has been mastered in 5.1 DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1 and digital stereo, and in each of the variations the sound is exemplary, the sound has an incredible ability to encapsulate you, to draw you in, to make you savor each and every note, just check out Fires at Midnight, a nine minute song where Candice’s vocal’s are simply stunning, the band of minstrels excel in filling the screen and soundscape with a foot stomping coda until Ritchie plays a simply stunning piece of acoustic guitar work.

All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend just over an hour. 8/10

Track Listing
Locked Within The Crystal Ball
Gilded Cage
The Circle
World Of Stone
The Peasant’s Promise
Toast To Tomorrow
Fires At Midnight
Barbara Allen
Dance Of The Darkness
Dandelion Wine
All The Fun Of The Fayre
First Of May

• DVD + CD Digipack (CD rack size) – UDR0200 DVD+CD
• DVD (Amaray) – UDR 0203DVD
• CD (Jewel Case) – UDR 0204CD
• Double Vinyl LP 12“ (Gatefold) – UDR 0205LP
• Blu-Ray – UDR 0206BR
• Digital (audio) – UDR 0207
• Digital (video) – UDR 0208
• D2C – UDR 0209BOX

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