Black Wolf – Taking Root e.p


Taking Root, the debut e.p by Bristol based band Black Wolf was recorded in March 2012, released in April and is a very impressive piece of hard rock/metal. 1st track  Stairway Ticket begins with a   ” one, two lets go ” with Scott Sharp sounding like a higher ranged Myles Kennedy with the rest of the band kicking in with some AC/DC beats. A bluesy vocal/guitar segment midway heralds a stomping finish with Scott hitting high notes like there is no tomorrow! The chugging rock of Finding Fables rushes in sounding like 80’s era Tesla  broken up by  short, meandering guitar  and a call and response guitar/vocal is followed by some fiery lead work from John Greenhill. Wayward One’s intro is similar to AC/DC’s Put The Finger On You and the remainder of the song continues in that vein with a fine snarling vocal throughout. Seeds’ Sabbath type boogie is a real foot tapper with a vocal uncannily like Chris Cornell and a bass/guitar midsection precedes  more blistering lead guitar from John Greenhill.

Black Wolf have only been gigging since 2010 but have already amassed many support slots, the biggest being  at the prestigious Bulldog Bash  biker festival near Derby. The live work came about after Black Wolf reached the final of the Surface Unsigned festival which had over 12,000 entries.

Black Wolf line up :-

Tom Lennox Brown- Drums.

John Greenhill- Lead Guitar.

Ben Webb- Bass.

Jason Cronin- Rhythm Guitar.

Scott Sharp- Lead Vocals.

Taking Root e.p track listing :-

Stairway Ticket.

Finding Fables.

Wayward One.



I award the e.p 9/10.







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