Black Tree Vultures – III EP

Black Tree Vultures

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On 21 February 2021
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A masterclass of heavy rock!

Formed in 2017, UK based heavy rockers Black Tree Vultures release their third EP simply titled III. It’s my first introduction to their music and these four songs are of the highest order!

Currently available to buy, a statement of intent arrives early with opening track ‘The Unforeseen’. There is demolition ball power in these gargantuan grooves that hypnotically blast along, backed by a call to arms like lead vocal and air guitars are mandatory for the shimmering solo midway.

The earworm main riff to ‘Veins’ grabbed me from the off as bass guitar bludgeon resonated in my headphones, as do the boisterous drum patterns. A wah wah opening guitar solo sees notes fly off the fretboard and an eerie midsection explodes into a full on outro.

‘Run Back To The Dark’ is a ballad with balls! It opens up poignantly with gentle guitar lines into a song that rises and falls majestically towards a snare drum driven headbangingly heavy finish.

One last ballistic battery comes from ‘Downfall’. It’s catchy but still superhuman as it stomps along like King Kong with a hangover!

At the time of writing this, the band are now down to two members so I wish them the best of luck for the future line up.

Links to the band and purchase links are here :- …………… ……….. ………….. …………..

A masterclass of heavy rock!

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