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Black Star Bullet

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On 22 August 2014
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Black Star Bullet's self titled debut album currently available via TBFM is an indispensable purchase. 12 hard rock gems.

Black Star Bullet are a four piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Coventry and surrounding areas. Originally called Loophole the band changed their name to Black Star Bullet in 2010 and released their debut, self-titled, album via TBFM Records on 1st April 2014. When this album came up for review a cat fight nearly ensued between PlanetMosh’s most glamorous blonde reviewers Dennis Jarman and Louella Deville. To avoid any blonde ‘fur’ flying this is a collaborative review – a Denella Jarville, so to speak!

Dennis says: Black Star Bullet’s self titled debut album currently available via TBFM is an indispensable purchase. 12 hard rock gems running in at the 51 minute mark. I saw the band recently at the S.O.S fest and wondered when I first played the album if they would sound much different than the live versions. There is not that much difference as the self produced album has a huge live feel to it especially from the vocals of Trev Goddard and Andy Tite, both of whom handle guitar duties. Their studio guitar sound is akin to ‘High And Dry’ era Def Leppard.

There are no filler tracks here but personal favourites are opener ‘In My Blood’. It’s catchy but heavy main riff backed by a melodic Bon Scott type delivery sees a huge chorus of “It’s in my blood, it’s in my brain, it’s in my head” arrive early with a Quo type boogie stomp midway.‘This Is Rock N Roll’ is a full throttle headbanger with a dual vocal interplay.Take It Back’ has a deceiving lilting vocal/noodling guitar intro as a huge riff runs in between the verse as it gets heavier near the end with wailing guitar solos. Hate‘ has an almost Alice Cooper like snarling delivery over a barrage of riffs with added wah-wah guitar lines.

Black Star Bullet at TBFM Online 4th Birthday Bash: Queens Hall, Nuneaton
Black Star Bullet at TBFM Online 4th Birthday Bash: Queens Hall, Nuneaton

Louella adds: I have seen Black Star Bullet twice, at TBFM Online Birthday Bashes in 2013 and 2014, at Nuneaton Queens Hall and The Snooty Fox, Wakefield, respectively. The opening track is one I remembered from both gigs and, as the chorus says ‘It’s in my brain’ this, will stick in your head (or brain) and gets the album off to a flying start. ‘This is Rock n Roll’ another memorable track with a great bass line, great riffs and a bit of piano, Red Hot Chilli Peppers meet The Quireboys! ‘Take It Back’ a mellower song with a Free’s Wishing Well vibe in parts, blended with much heavier riffs.

Dennis goes on to say: ‘Energy Daze’ is just a single vocal and bass guitar during the verses which then lead to a Velvet Revolver ‘Slither‘ type groove.‘Online Launch’ is 3.30 minutes of power pop in the vein of ‘The Sixteens’ by The Sweet.’Fake‘ is a slow burner built on a chugging riff and a vocal delivery that you cannot get out of your head with a tasty bluegrass slide guitar piece midway backed by a thumping bass guitar. Closing track and standout one is the almost 7 minute long epic ‘Mistakes’. It is a stunning, emotional power ballad with a mournful vocal backed by a slow, single guitar which gets heavier as the rest of the band crash in with big riffs and backing vocals halfway. The song ends in an AC/DC like driving riff heavy end.

Louella had a bit more to add. ‘Slow Down’ has a bit of a Green Day feel say ‘Hitchin a Ride’. I found Online Lunch a bit reminiscent of The Foo Fighters’ ‘Best of You’ If you can imagine a strange hybrid of Cameo’s ‘Word Up’ and Motorhead’s ‘Iron Fist’ then you get the gist of ‘The Game’

This is a great debut album from The Coventry Four and definitely worth a listen. They are finalists in Hard Rock Hell’s Highway to Hell which takes place on the 6th-7th September 2014 at The Classic Grand in Glasgow. We wish them well, send them to Hell! As we won’t be sending The Black Star Bullets to Coventry anytime soon!

Highlight Tracks: In My Blood, This is Rock ‘n’ Roll and Mistakes

Black Star Bullet Album Cover
Black Star Bullet Album Cover

Set List:

In My Blood
This Is Rock n Roll
Take It Back
Slow Down
Energy Daze
Online Lunch
The Game
The Only Answer

Band Members:

Trev Goddard / Andy Tite / Martin Hughes / Gav Hunt




TBFM Records:


Black Star Bullet's self titled debut album currently available via TBFM is an indispensable purchase. 12 hard rock gems.

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