Black Moth – Garage Attic, Glasgow – 05/10/2014

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With just less than one month until the mighty autumn indoors event in Leeds – Damnation festival some of the bands, who are going to show up there, are touring, so one has a possibility to check them in more intimate atmosphere and prepare oneself before the one day metal marathon in Northern England. So, that is what I did late Sundays evening at Garage Attic in Glasgow. Poorly announced in not very common place for such gigs, the gig of the Black Moth stoner/doom metallers took place in front of small group of curious wanderers and fans.

Even a familiar venue to metalheads such as the Garage, has its own secrets and secret corners. As, for example, The Attic. No, it is not the G2 – the second, a little smaller hall with the entrance from the backyard. It is the Attic, which one can reach through the small doors in the corner of the backyard, going up, up via abstruse stairs, going round and round, marked with the green sign “Fire Exit”. Once one is there, there is quite cosy, really small attic like room with the bar and space for so called stage.

The very first to hit that so called stage were Scottish team Inhale The Deep. From the very first song listening to this band the feeling “something is wrong, am I at the right place?” wouldn’t let me go. These guys didn’t seem to fit in with the following two bands. Very melodic, purely clean vocals with loads of chorus on the top – it sounded so sweet, that reminded some sort of American look like


generic rock or even nu metal. Long monologues in between songs didn’t seem to help much. After half an hour playing in almost utter darkness, guys finished, happy group of audience, with the Inhale The Deep t-shirts have left the venue as well. Seemed a little quiet. The short break with Metallica and System Of Down songs barely helped to get rid of that distressful feeling “something is wrong, am I at the right place?”.

As soon as the instruments were changed and Limb guys showed up onto the spot, called stage, everything started getting better. Limb – delightful heavy armada, comparing to the first band, was something one could call a perfect supporting act of such a young band (founded in 2011) for the Black Moth. Guys were all the way on the tour together with the evening stars Black Moth. It seemed that these two suited very well each other. Extremely energetic Limb drummer, grungy but enjoyable vocals, nicely constructed stoner/doom metal made everything fall to their places. Audience got a little more supportive, although for a little while it looked that something whipped out part of them…

With the same amount of people in the audience, it didn’t seem to be quiet and passive, when stoner/doom metal team – Black Moth came up to play. While being very sorry for her voice (because of being unwell), Harriet Bevan made it really brilliant – the emotions and the communication were just in time. Band had a little shorter than an hour set for the night, with new and old songs. And if the Limb was unpolished gemstone, then female fronted Black Moth was pretty much polished dark pearl, which could grow even bigger. Despite playing in the utter darkness and inability to see energetic musicians and lovely Harriet in the front, audience seemed to enjoy the show quite well. They got more and more active, dancing and being supportive. Entertaining show finished with the last song from the new album, they were presenting on their tour  “Condemned To Hope”. With this symbolic note the show was over.

Black Moth
Black Moth



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