The Black Angels – Death Song

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The Black Angels

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On 17 April 2017
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It's a great album that's well worth checking out.

Formed way back in 2004, psychedelic rock band The Black Angels took their name from the title of a Velvet Underground song – “Black Angel’s death song”, and now have used the other half of that song title for the title of their new album, Death song.
Death song is the band’s fifth album and comes four years after the release of their previous album (Indigo meadow).  It’s a great album and features plenty of fuzzy guitar and lots of echo and reverb giving a great overall sound.  Songs such as “Comanche moon” are absolutely fantastic, with that song in particular reminding me of early Pink Floyd at times.  Tracks such as “I’d kill for her” have more of a garage rock feel with a bit of psychedelia while others are far more psychedelic rock.

It’s a great album that’s well worth checking out.

“Death song” will be released on 21st April 2017

Track listing:

1. Currency
2. I’d kill for her
3. Half believing
4. Comanche moon
5. Hunt me down
6. Grab as much (as you can)
7. Estimate
8. I dreamt
9. Medicine
10. Death march
11. Life song

It's a great album that's well worth checking out.

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