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Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters.

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On 2 June 2022
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Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters roar with their third studio album Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love. Definitely not a disaster!

Debut studio album Bad Habit and the follow up Show Me Your Teeth were two very impressive starts to the recorded career of Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters so fast forward to July 8th 2022 as they release the tongue twistingly titled Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love album via Beautiful Disasters Records.

These thirteen (yes, thirteen) songs are brimming with confidence as they break free from the shackles of writing and recording it throughout Covid-19. It kicks off with ‘The Otherside’, a rowdy romper stomper with a monstrous main riff to rattle your ears as it pounds away for a fiery four minutes as Beth pushes her vocals through the huge choruses and a doomy midsection is all consuming.

‘Sin Eater’, first single taken from the album hits the spot with another killer riff for this raucous rocker. P.A shattering choruses herald fretboard fireworks until it fades out leaving you wanting more.

New single ‘Tonight I’m With You’ is all crashing powerchords and precisely picked notes to make for air guitar heaven. Even after just one listen it sounds like an anthem in the making. Its timing is perfect for the summer, blasting it out on the car stereo with the windows wound down.

‘Who You Are’ should be a full on rock disco floor filler, chock full of sugar sweet melodies and thought provoking hope giving lyrics, point proven by a closing holler of “Remember who you are!”

Not only do they hold your heart in ‘Hold Your Heart’, they hold you in the palms of their hands for this frail ballad that slowly comes to life on orchestral strings and a riff that doesn’t intrude but lets itself be known.

‘Undo Me’ is a salacious slice of sleaze which should have a warning to take a cold shower after playing it. Stabbing riffs bite hard over hefty dynamics and mighty “Whoa oh oh’s”.

A gently picked acoustic intro for ‘Persephone’ and brief verse charges towards a towering lead vocal and full blooded headbanging tirade with a lengthy razor sharp solo and howled vocal outro.

‘Ozymandias’! What a bass intro! What a groove that brought to mind vintage Kyuss. It rumbles along until snares add a fiery snap as vocals soar to a spotlight stealing delivery that ends on wailing guitar and banshee screams.

They put the power into power ballad for ‘Sacrifice’ with ease as a poignant opening vocal and acoustic guitar precedes this majestic song. The UK’s answer to Evanescence or Within Temptation? Why not?

Guitar licks fly off the fretboard fast and furiously throughout ‘Trigger Warning’. It’s a bonafide classic, especially when the potent choruses add venom.

Guitars are set to ear melting mode to make ‘Still Not Asking For It’ a rampant riffathon that must surely have had the recording levels in the red to make it another one for the headbangers!

The album ends on two bonus tracks. ‘I Never Knew’ is six heavenly minutes that make for my favourite track. It’s just piano and vocals but still it’s enough to break your heart. Piano lilts gently to allow Beth to pour out an emotional tour de force performance.

Final track ‘New York Time’ riffs full throttle on an earthshaking groove as vocals reach new heights. What a way to end a shout it out loud and proud album on!

Pre-release album purchase links and other band info are here :- I I I I I

Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love album track listing :-

The Otherside.

Sin Eater.

Tonight I’m With You.

Who You Are.

Hold Your Heart.

Undo Me.




Trigger Warning.

Still Not Asking For It.

I Never Knew (bonus track).

New York Time (bonus track).

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters band line up :-

Beth Blade McDonald – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Luke Strickland Gilmore – Lead Guitar.

Sam Brain – Drums.

Dan Rowe – Bass Guitar.

The passion that runs through the album is highlighted by the following quote from Beth.

“This album is a confessional, a journey of survival, of tragedy. Our darkest moments exist, they deserve not to be hidden, sharing the pain helps with the burdens we all carry. It’s also a tale of love and hope, of taking our hardship and thriving despite the weight of our woes. You can be your own light, I am sharing my soul with you through these songs, each one a small piece of me, a piece of us, of our story. Confiding in you is our redemption”

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters roar with their third studio album Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love. Definitely not a disaster!

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