Battlecross – War Of Will

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On 2 September 2013
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Battlecross is an American modern death metal band showing European flar. With War Of Will, they offer a bit more melody and atmosphere then most. There’s a crisp, punchy sound with a triple vocal tone attack – from a hatecore screech to a brutal low growl. Battlecross offers unusually inspiring lyrics, compared to ‘evil reigns king’ type bands. Unfortunately, vocals remain unintelligible, so the message is diluted, unless you have their lyrics printed. Nearly every well-crafted tune has a dual ‘lead’ guitar line with both parts in close harmony. They’ve got a solid rhythm section, which sets a blistering pace.


Track Listing:
Force Fed Lies
Flesh & Bone
Never Coming Back
My Vaccine
Get Over It
Ghost Alive
Wage A War
The Will To Overcome
Never-Ending Night

Band Lineup:
Kyle Gunther – Vocals
Tony Asta – Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala – Guitar
Don Slater – Bass
Kevin Talley – Drums (Tour/Live)

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