Basement Torture Killings – ‘A Night Of Brutal Torture’

Basement Torture Killings ArtworkLondon-based BTK have previously released an EP (‘The First Cumming’ in 2008) and a full-length album (2010’s ‘The Second Cumming’) of their gory, infected old school death metal, and most recently appeared on Grindscene Records’ ‘A Split Worse Than Death’ sampler, alongside Foetal Juice, Decimation, Nailed and label boss Pete Clarke’s own Zombified – which is actually the first time this reviewer crossed their serial killer strewn path…

Sophomore album ‘A Night Of Brutal Torture’ certainly lives up to its name, and stylistically very much follows the road taken by the likes of Aborted, Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed et al.

Interspersed with samples of suitably depraved acts to add to the overall atmosphere of perverted sadism, ANOBT is half-an-hour of as brutal, savage and depraved death metal as you are likely to encounter, certainly so far this year.  Building from The Fourth Killers’ dynamic blastbeats, the twin guitar / vocals combo of Bertrand and Tarquin deliver sinew-ripping riffs and nerve-shreddingly gruesome vocals guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of the neck of even the most blood-soaked metallian.

Their appearance on the aforemention ASWTD split had suffered from a muddy production, which had rendered some of the finer points of their delivery indistinct:  things are the polar opposite this time around, with the clarity of the production accentuating every fearsome and fearful nuance of this gore-gasmic experience.

Track list:

Progressive Depravity / Basement Bitch / Car Trunk Caroline / Gormasmic Movements In The Dark / Minus Fingers Teeth And Toes / Suffocation / Kept In A Hole / Malleus Maleficarum / Without Permission Forced Submission / Kill For Satan

Recommended listening:  Suffocation

‘A Night Of Brutal Torture’ is released on Grindscene Records on January 27.


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