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On 4 October 2018
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Bad Touch should make a lot of dough with this bakers dozen of songs.

Bad Touch - Shake a LegBad Touch leave a great touch on the ears with their latest studio album Shake A Leg released via Marshall Records on October 5th. On seeing the running time at thirteen tracks I was a bit apprehensive about it’s length but could not be more wrong as it captivates from start to finish showing a new level of maturity in their composing.

The Norfolk based quintet have built a strong template with extensive roadwork since their formation in 2010  honing their talent to a new level, point proven by opening track ‘Lift Your Head Up’ that has set opener written all over it. It’s a sure fire crowd pleaser creating a feel good vibe from start to finish especially in the instantly memorable choruses. I got a lot of AC/DC influences from the intro riffs to ‘Hammer Falls’ but it settles down into sultry blues guitar lines as lead vocalist Stevie Westwood shows off his vocal ability in the howled choruses.

‘Too Many Times’ is another riff heavy rocker with a chorus to die for strengthened by band “Woah oh oh’s”. ‘Dressed To Kill’ is a quirky little foot tapper as boogie woogie riffing vies with snappy snare work by George Drewry who also sneaks a mini solo in midway. The heaviness remains with the stomping ‘Skyman’ as the grooves crash around toking themed lyrics. An early highlight is ‘I Belong’ as the laid back verses are backed by power chord heavy choruses, lyrically explaining their love from their home town. ‘Show Me What It Takes’ is walk it like you talk it gritty hard rock that leads to the intoxicating ‘Tussle’ that sounds as though it’s been soaked in the finest bourbon throughout its Southern rock drawl.

The variety takes another turn as the fuzzed up riffing in ‘Take Me Away’ gives a stoner rock vibe over majestic vocals. ‘Believe In Me’ floored me the same way as ‘Take Your Time’ did in Truth Be Told as a crescendo of biting riffs herald a spine tingling lead vocal as the guitar solo takes the song up into the stratosphere! The album draws to a close with a trio of gems kicking off with the hip swinging, party starter ‘Movin On Up’ giving a nonstop feelgood atmosphere. A dynamic duo of ‘Slow Tempest’ and ‘Bury Me (When I’m Gone) are so laid back they could be horizontal. The former is stripped back to mainly sparse acoustic guitar that gives Stevie free reign to shine as it picks up the pace midway with blistering lead work from Rob Glendinning and the latter is a captivating ballad as the steely production highlights every nuance of the vocals and acoustic guitar.

Shake A Leg album track listing :- 

Bad Touch - Shake a Leg Tour PosterLift Your Head Up.

Hammer Falls.

Too Many Times.

Dressed To Kill.


I Believe.

Show Me What It Means.


Take Me Away.

Believe In Me.

Movin’ In On Up.

Slow Tempest.

Bury Me (When I’m Gone).

Bad Touch band line up :-

Stevie Westwood – Lead vocals.

Rob Glendinning – Lead guitar.

Daniel Seekings – Guitar/vocals.

George Drewry – Drums/vocals.

Michael Bailey – Bass guitar.



Bad Touch should make a lot of dough with this bakers dozen of songs.

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