Avatar – Black Waltz

Black Waltz,  is the 4th album by Swedish melodic death metal band Avatar. “Black Waltz” was released in Europe on November 19th via Gain/Sony Music.

The album itself really shows off the different sides of how the bands’ musical talents. 3 specific songs really caught my attention; title track Black Waltz with its physcadelic carnival ride drifting through its 6 minutes of haunting metal. They have released a video for this track  featuring members of the world famous, American sideshow group Hellzapoppin!

Let It Burn with its build up death mayhem and Use Your Tongues’ near on 10 minutes of drifting through Death metal with casual harmonica sequences.

The album as a whole is not something to be missed, in my personal opinion, this is quite clearly their best work to date. The vocals are superb especially when its with instrumental pieces that you have no idea what it will sound like as each track is individually unique in its own perspective.

I would rate the album with a 8/10



01. Let Us Die
02. Torn Apart
03. Ready For The Ride
04. In Napalm
05. Black Waltz
06. Blod
07. Let It Burn
08. One Touch
09. Paint Me Red
10. Smells Like A Freakshow
11. Use Your Tongue



Johannes Eckerström – vocals

Jonas Jarlsby – guitars

Tim Öhrström – guitars

Henrik Sandelin – bass

John Alfredsson – drums








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