Attika 7 – Blood Of My Enemies

Attika 7 are the band for whom the term ‘biker metal’ was invented. They define it. In fact, it could be argued that they redefine it. After all, they not only feature a famed motorcycle builder – Rusty Coones – in their ranks, are the band of choice of the Hell’s Angels, have appeared in both ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ and ‘The Devil’s Ride’… but they’re also running their own helmet design competition to coincide with the release of this, their debut album.

They also boast plenty of extremely impressive musical muscle, in the shape of former Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld on vocals, one-time Nonpoint guitarist Zach Broderick and, on recording duties, the mighty Tony Campos (founder of Static X and sometime member of Ministry, Possessed and Soulfly, for those who need the education) on bass (he subsequently has been replaced by the equally impressively credentialed Scott Reeder, of Kyuss/The Obsessed legend). And the music definitely has the muscle to match the pedigree of those producing it.

‘Crackerman’ roars into sight against the backdrop of tolling bells, a fast departing chopper heralding the arrival of a Sabbath-esque opening riff, before the tune evolves into the sort of desert swamp heavy metal blues vibe that the likes of Godsmack (a comparison emphasized through the usual heavy-as-fuck but precision sharp production of Mudrock), Down and BLS consistently stomp mudholes dry with. Over the next 12 tracks, there’s not a single weak link: the rhythm section of Campos and Devin ‘Death Rock’ Lebsack are as solid as concrete, while Coones’ riffs are as hard as nails and his solos brief and understated, suiting the overall feel of each and every tune perfectly. Over the top of everything, the snarling, spitting, angry vocals of Seinfield do just that – snarl and spit with fury and venom, his trademark almost-spoken delivery as powerful as you’ve ever heard him.

If I have to pick highlights, then there are several: the majestic ‘Devil’s Daughter’, the unleashed violence of ‘Lockdown’, the stomping if nu-metal-esque anthem ‘No Redemption’, the hardcore poetry of the title track and the atmospheric introspective doom of the awesome ‘Dying Slowly’.

Quite simply, this is a stunning debut: an album that oozes attitude and conviction from its every tattooed pore, built on huge riffs, a combination of brilliant songs and equally awesome performances and an absolutely perfect production.


Track list:

1. Crackerman
2. Serial Killer
3. Devil’s Daughter
4. Greed and Power
5. All Or Nothing
6. Lockdown
7. The Hard Cold Truth
8. No Redemption
9. Blood Of My Enemies
10. Living In Oppression
11. Dying Slowly
12. Hellbound
13. War

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