Attica Rage – Road Dog [CD]

If there where ever to be a N.W.O.B.H.M. then this band would be leading the charge down your local high street, kicking down doors and smashing windows.
This is British rock at its best, tight infectious grooves, blistering metal riffs and just balls out total rock. Attica have taken all their influences from Classic rock, Punk and Thrash, there’s even a bit of blues in there as well, put them in the smelting pot, and add a whole heap of attitude. Sounds good, its gets better as Attica rage then take it to the next level.
Stevie bells guitar playing is just sublime, soaring guitar solo’s when you expect them, and then he is quite happy to join Jonni Parr in putting out bad ass crushing riffs just on the right side of thrash when you need them, backed up by a solid rhythm section from Ritchie on drums, and Big C on bass.
Based in Glasgow ,The band released their debut cd, Ruin Nation back in 2008 and set about conquering the world.
Having seen this band grow over the last 3 years, it is no surprise to me just how strong this 2nd cd is, from the opening track 36 Insane, you just know this is gonna be good.
The 2nd song Hacked for Vanity contains a killer riff from Stevie, it drives the song along at headbanging speed, and then he kicks the song in the head with a monster of a solo, this is a song the band will be playing live for many years to come, magic.
The 3rd track “Road Dog”, see’s the clan heading on the road for some serious biker style classic rock, and so it goes on, classic track after classic track.
Although each song has a strong unique identity, from the solo work of Stevie bell, and big C, through to the group writing as a unit, they sit side by side, each bringing their own take on what a classic rock song should be like. I’m not gonna wax lyrical anymore about this cd, its your duty as a rock fan to go out and buy it, and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.
There’s 14 tracks on this cd, I don’t think i have seen so many from a band in ages, in fact there are so many great songs on this album, its like a buy one, get one free at your local supermarket.
The closing track Back to the Old School is just that, a simple hook, and guitar solo harking back to those N.W.O.B.H.M days of old.
Raise a clenched fist and bang your heads. The clan are coming, don’t stand in their way.

Track listing:
1. 36 Insane
2. Hacked For Vanity
3. Road Dog Forever
4. Through The Inner Eye
5. Contradictions
6. Ashamed
7. High
8. Lost
9. Altea
10. Altered Reality
11. One Minute Silence
12. Change In The Iris
13. Swimming With Sharks
14. Back To The Old Scho

Attica Rage/Road Dog is out now on Rocksector records.Attica

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