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Arch Enemy

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On 23 March 2017
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A great live release that I have no hesitation in recommending to all Arch Enemy fans.

It’s almost exactly three years since Angela Gossow stepped down as vocalist of Arch Enemy and announced her replacement, Alissa White-Gluz.  At that point the War Eternal album was already written and recorded with Alissa on vocals.  Since then it’s been a long wait for a second album with her vocals, but to make the wait for a new studio album a bit more enjoyable, Arch Enemy are releasing a live album, recorded last summer at Wacken Open Air.

Having seen the band several times in the last few years I know how good they are, and they really seem to have been re-energised by Alissa who is a truly impressive frontwoman.  For the Wacken show they had the largest stage set they’ve had to date, and coupled with a great light show and flames (you can’t play high on the bill at Wacken and not have flames), then this was always likely to be a fantastic show, and that’s exactly what they delivered.  Alissa’s high energy performance and flawless vocals combine with superb musicianship from the rest of the band.

The audio quality is perfect. Tere’s a good reason so many bands release live albums or DVDs from Wacken – they know they’ll get top quality audio, and the video quality is equally impressive.  There’s an impressive array of cameras used, with 4 fixed cameras covering the drummer alone, and more cameras covering the rest of the action on stage and in the crowd.

It’s a great setlist too, with 5 songs from “War eternal” sitting comfortably alongside favourites such as “No gods no masters”, “Ravenous” and “Nemesis”.  Listening to how well Alissa performs the old material it’s impossible to imagine anyone who could have done a better job taking over from Angela Gossow.  I’m still waiting impatiently for a new studio album, but in the meantime this album will be getting played a lot.

As well as the live show which is a little over an hour in length, there’s plenty more content on the DVD – behind the scenes footage, official videos, and live material from a show in Tokyo in 2015, so plenty to watch.

A great live release that I have no hesitation in recommending to all Arch Enemy fans.

“As the stages burn” will be released on 31st March 2017

DVD Track listing:

1. Khaos overture (Live at Wacken)
2. Yesterday is dead and gone (Live at Wacken)
3. War eternal (Live at Wacken)
4. Ravenous (Live at Wacken)
5. Stolen life (Live at Wacken)
6. My apocalypse (Live at Wacken)
7. You will know my name (Live at Wacken)
8. Bloodstained cross (Live at Wacken)
9. Under black flags (Live at Wacken)
10. As the pages burn (Live at Wacken)
11. Dead eyes see no future (Live at Wacken)
12. Avalanche (Live at Wacken)
13. No gods no masters (Live at Wacken)
14. We will rise (Live at Wacken)
15. Nemesis (Live at Wacken)
16. Fields of desolation (Live at Wacken)
17. Outro
18. Wacken 2016: Behind The Scenes
19. Tempore Nihil Sanat (Live in Tokyo 2015)
20. Never Forgive, Never Forget (Live in Tokyo 2015)
21. Bury Me An Angel (Live in Tokyo 2015)
22. Taking Back My Soul (Live in Tokyo 2015)
23. Burning Angel (Live in Tokyo 2015)
24. The Day You Died (Live in Tokyo 2015)
25. No More Regrets (Live in Tokyo 2015)
26. Silverwing (Live in Tokyo 2015)
27. War Eternal (official video)
28. You Will Know My Name (official video)
29. No More Regrets (official video)
30. Stolen Life (2015 Version)
31. Stolen Life (2016 version)
32. Time Is Black (official video)

A great live release that I have no hesitation in recommending to all Arch Enemy fans.

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