Aonia – Sunchaser

Aonia - SunchaserAonia are a band from the East Midlands who play metal with female operatic vocals.  They are unusual though in that instead of having a single classically trained vocalist either by themself of paired with a male singer doing growls, Aonia have two classically trained (i.e. operatic style) female vocalists.
It’s been three years since the band released their debut EP, City of shadows, so it’s good to see them now following this with their second EP, Sunchaser.

The use of two operatic singers works extremely well.  Obviously in the studio it’s easy enough for a band to have one singer record both parts, but the band then wouldn’t be able to replicate the sound live, whereas Aonia are able to sound just as good live as on the EP.  Both singers have very good voices so the results are superb.
The music then has a lot to live up to, and it delivers with ease.  The guitar work is excellent, and at times reminds me of Iron Maiden (check out the start of “Nightmare” as a good example).  The nice powerful guitar riffs contrast and complement the soaring vocals, and the final result is an excellent EP that’s definitely recommended for fans of female fronted metal, particularly those bands that use oepratic vocals.

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Track listing:

1. Sunchaser
2. Echoes
3. Warrior’s path
4. Reflections
5. Nightmare

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