Amongst Liars release wild new single ‘You Are Not a Slave’

Fresh from their February 3000 mile French tour with Ayron Jones, Amongst Liars release a brand new single ‘You Are Not a Slave’ via Earache DD on 21st March 2024



‘”You Are Not a Slave” is all about personal metamorphosis; not conforming to unreasonable demands and not allowing yourself to be controlled or devalued by people who don’t have your best interests at heart. This song comes from a recent lived experience where I was subjected to passive-aggressive and toxic behaviour in a work environment, which really fucked with my psyche–but ultimately I wasn’t prepared to accept it. I channelled this frustration into the song, which was actually the last song to be recorded for our second album and I was really pissed off when I sang this in the studio, so I guess everything happens for a reason! It also relates to personal development in general, especially with the constraints being put on people. The message is: Be yourself, break the mould and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.’

Photo credit: Vic Payne

Amongst Liars are Ian George (vocals), Leo Burdett (guitar & BVs), Ross Towner (bass & BVs), Adam Oarton (drums), James Brumeo (synth & BVs)

 A tight band powerhouse; urgent, questioning, loud and fierce. Together they play heavy and direct modern rock: massive riffs and powerful, melodic choruses, fuzzy guitar, pummelling drums and bass, pin-balling between heavy alternative rock, grunge and punk. They also have a lyricist who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air anxieties and raise questions about the world we live in.

Debut self-titled album was released in July 2022 to critical acclaim and ‘You Are Not a Slave” is the fourth release from their sophomore album ‘Design’, scheduled for release on 4th July 2024.

Artwork by Pierre Englebrecht

Pre-order ‘Design’ here:

The previous single ‘The Shameful’ was voted Metal Hammer’s Track of the Week.

Amongst Liars came off a hugely successful two-week tour supporting Theory of a Deadman across the UK in Sept 2023. On tour, the band also raised over £600 for the Metal for Good charity, for which they are ambassadors, by donating a percentage of their merch sales and auctioning a signed guitar.

After supporting Ayron Jones on his UK club tour in November 2022, Amongst Liars has just returned from a very successful 3000-mile French tour with Ayron in February 2024. More live dates and touring in 2024 are soon to be announced.

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