Amongst Liars release new single ‘Vice’ 

On the new single Vice, vocalist Ian George comments:

‘Vice’ was the last song we actually recorded for the album, back in October 2023-and also the first song we wrote with James Brumeo on synth after he joined the band in July. The song deals with a mental health battle that I experienced last autumn. I’ve had long-covid for the last couple of years and have struggled with breathing difficulties and chronic fatigue, but then last summer some events in my life triggered a depression that I also partly attribute to long covid. I experienced severe depression, paranoia and almost schizophrenia where at times I didn’t even recognise myself. It was a really dark time; I pushed a lot of people away, became really introverted and just couldn’t get any meaning around these thoughts that kept going round in my head. It really was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to cope with in my life. Music definitely helped me come out of it, partially by writing and recording this song and also ‘You Are Not a Slave’, to channel and put down in lyrics what I couldn’t express to anyone at the time because I was so shut off, guarded and paranoid. So in a sense the song is a cry for help and rally for hope at the same time.”

Artwork by Pierre Englebrecht

 Photo credit: Vic Payne

Amongst Liarsare Ian George (vocals), Leo Burdett (guitar & BVs), Ross Towner (bass & BVs), Adam Oarton (drums), James Brumeo (synth & BVs)

 A tight powerhouse of a band; urgent, questioning, loud and fierce. Together they play heavy and direct modern rock: massive riffs and powerful, melodic choruses, fuzzy guitar, pummelling drums and bass, pin-balling between heavy alternative rock, grunge and punk. They also have a lyricist who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air anxieties and raise questions about the world we live in.

Debut self-titled album was released in July 2022 to critical acclaim and ‘Vice” is the fourth release from their sophomore album ‘By Design’, scheduled for release on 4th July 2024.

Pre-order ‘By Design’ here:

Previous single ‘The Shameful’ was voted as Metal Hammer’s Track of the Week.

Amongst Liars came off a hugely successful two-week tour supporting Theory of a Deadman across the UK in Sept 2023. On tour, the band also raised over £600 for the Metal for Good charity, for which they are ambassadors, by donating a percentage of their merch sales and auctioning a signed guitar.

After supporting Ayron Jones on his UK club tour in November 2022, Amongst Liars recently returned from a very successful 3000-mile French tour with Ayron in February 2024.

As well as announcing a ‘fan special’ with the band travelling around the UK to visit fans and deliver albums/play acoustic tracks in people’s homes in late June, AMONGST LIARS have just announced gigging activity across the album. Other live shows include:

4th July – Temple Bar, Eastbourne 
11th July – Instore acoustic, HMV Leicester 
11th July – Firebug, Leicester 
12th July – Corporation, Sheffield 
13th July – Gullivers, Manchester 
18th July – Face Bar, Reading 
19th July – Instore acoustic, HMV Cardiff
19th July – Fuel, Cardiff 
20th July – Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton 

Ticket link:

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