Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

Deceiver of the Gods is the new great album of the – I think the most know them- melodic death metal band Amon Amarth from Sweden. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods

In my opinion Deceiver of the gods is maybe the best death metal album which will be released this year. It’s a typical Amon Amarth album, great powerful guitar riffs and Johan’s unmistakable voice.

The title track could be one of the best melodic death metal songs of this century. It’s a song that makes you addicted when you start to listen to it.  But you can make your own opinion:

As Loke falls seems to have some power metal influences, the guitar playing sounds more like power metal than melodic death metal. It’s also a great song.

Father of the Wolf is also an awesome song. It sounds more like a mix of death metal and prog metal; this could be an influence of Andy Sneap who worked with Amon Amarth to create this great album.

Shaper Shifter is one the hardest songs of the album. It starts very powerful and you want to start head banging.

Under Siege is a little bit slower but still powerful and it’s also a very good song for head banging.

The start of Blood Eagle sounds a little bit disgusting because you listen how a man is killed. It’s a typical Amon Amarth song with much power and good for a mosh pit.

We Shall Destroy reminds me in many part on another Amon Amarth song: Death In Fire.  I like this style because these songs are live on concerts or festivals a blast.

Hel is a special song because it’s featuring Messiah Marcolin who was a member of the doom metal band Candlemass.  It has more an epic sound than all Amon Amarth songs I listened before.

Coming to the tide is also a very good song with for Amon Amarth typical riffs like Death in Fire.

Warriors of the North is a good last track of the Album. It sounds like a mix of all songs of the Album.


All in all the first 4 songs are in my opinion the best songs of the album. It has much variety in the style and that makes fun to listen to. What I really like Amon Amarth is maybe the only band who can do a great mix of traditional heavy metal and death metal.



Track List:


Deceiver of the gods


As Loke Falls

Father of the Wolf

Shape Shifter

Under Siege

Blood Eagle

We Shall Destroy

Hel” (featuring Messiah Marcolin)

Coming of the Tide

Warriors of the North









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