Amber – Lovesaken

Post Hardcore bliss, a musical experience not to be missed.



If you are a fan of the post hardcore, post rock, post metal scene and let’s face it, many of us are, myself included, then the choice of bands and different variations of the sub genres is pretty much infinite. Too much choice can be a bad thing though, quite often I find myself having to cut great swathes of  lack lustre, uninspiring drivel before I happen upon anything remotely decent and worthy of note. Amber are a band I readily admit to not having come across before, although this is their debut album a self titled release did appear in 2012 , turning a few heads in their native Germany.

Although limited to five tracks, this album packs more emotion and passion than many a ten track release, five tracks only maybe but each one is over six minutes in duration, indeed the title track comes in at over ten.

For me, the overriding feeling coming from this record is one of pain, despondency and emotional torment, led by the vocals of Anna, who’s style of delivery is abrasive and heartfelt, every word screamed with lung bursting precision backed by some simply sublime, sleek guitar work that strikes the perfect balance between power and reflection. ‘Lost’ is a track that I could easily lose myself in time after time, the whole song reaching multiple highs and lows as you are carried on a wave of pure feeling. ‘Silent Lies’, no less impressive, is a track that allows the drum sound to venture further in to the foreground, adding another dimension to the sound as it powers the guitar riff along superbly well.

I must come back to the vocal delivery of Anna though, a style that will undoubtedly not be to every ones taste but it’s a voice that demands attention right from the off, never dropping out of the red zone at any point, she performs with such raw and unbridled feeling and sentiment that I became lost and trapped in the web she had spun.

Her voice, the music, the band and everything they stand for and believe in, for me, is summed up in the ten glorious, intoxicating minutes of musical genius that is the title track, a composition that takes you on a journey through all the emotional facets known within the human psyche. Being the rather emotional sod that I am, I was genuinely moved and touched by everything this song conveys, both good and bad, I remained totally engrossed and captivated for every moment of its existence. At the end I knew not whether to smile or frown, laugh or cry, live or die, moreover the feeling was one of admiration and gratitude at being able to appreciate what I had heard.

Because of the genre of music on offer here, we all know that it’s an album that is not going to sell millions or change the world but in a way I’m glad, glad because if it were a sound that appealed to the commercial masses then I’m sure it would be to the detriment of its uniqueness. For me, it’s an album that has been an absolute pleasure to have listened to and I can only hope that the band continue in the same vein for the foreseeable future.

Track Listing;

1. Kings Like Us5
2. Lost
3. Silent Lies
4. Fading Away
5. Lovesaken

Amber are;

Jakob – Drums
Christian – Guitar
Dennis – Guitar
Tobias – Bass
Anna – Vocals

Released on the 1st of May via Digital Download.



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