Amaze Me – Guilty As Sin

amaze me Amaze Me are a duo consisting of Peter Broman, who plays all the instruments and wrote all the songs and vocalist Conny Lind. They released three pretty decent AOR albums back in the 90s, Amaze Me (1995), Dream On (1997), Wonderland (1998) and that was the end of that.
Now 15 years later, the duo return with a new album entitled “Guilty As Sin”
So has anything changed? The answer is an unsurprising big fat no.
“Guilty As Sin” is, more of the same. Twelve well crafted songs, full of rich harmonies and gorgeous layered Keyboards with some stunning guitar playing.
The album starts with a real 80’s feel with ‘Everybody’ moments of early Reo Speedwagon blended with Nightranger draws you in like a cut price record shop.
‘Lost In A Dream’ begins with a rich Hammond sound and then doesn’t really go anywhere, I was expecting better as this was only the second track, however this is a minor hiccup, as the album picks up again with “Can’t Stop Loving You” and never really looks back.
Lind still has a very strong voice, and Broman is no slouch with the keyboards or guitars, building each song up to create that classic AOR sound.
‘With Or Without You’ with its ‘80s robotic (think styx) intro is the standout track on here for me, it is quite simply a staggering mid tempo rock track.
Off course no self-respecting AOR record would be complete without at least a couple of ballads and this album doesn’t disappoint with ‘Endless Love’ being the pick of the bunch.
‘Dying To Be Loved’ with more harmonies than a Def leppard track simply motors along, confirming that the entire track list of 12 songs are all powerfully driven melodic Hard Rock, tempered with some wonderful quality AOR love songs. Fans of the 80s will treat this as a long lost friend.
Amaze-me, it did just that.
Band Line Up

Peter Broman – All instruments
Conny Lind– Lead Vocals

Track Listing:

01. Everybody
02. Lost In A Dream
03. Can’t Stop Loving You
04. Save Me
05. Endless Love
06. With Or Without You
07. The Pain
08. Guilty As Sin
09. On The Run
10. Dying To Be Loved
11. Love Is Blind
12. On Fire
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