The Almighty – Soul Destruction (Deluxe edition)

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The Almighty

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On 31 January 2015
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Another great album re-issued with lots of extras making it an excellent buy.

The Almighty - Soul Destruction (Deluxe edition)Spinefarm records are reissuing four albums by The Almighty under the ‘RE-F**KIN’-ISSUES banner.  Two albums are to be reissued on 9th February with the other two following later in the year.  As part of the Universal group, Spinefarm are re-issuing them as Deluxe editions and as with other Universal deluxe editions, they are packed full of extra material rather than just being the original album. The re-issues have been put together in conjunction with the band

So, for “Soul Destruction” it’s coming out as a two disc release.  The first contains the album itself which was first released in 1991.  The second disc contains Bonus material – liver songs, 7 inch single versions and alternative versions.This means that in total you get the 22 tracks for your money – pretty good value.
Additionally there’s a CD booklet with notes from Malcolm Dome and Ricky Warwick as well as photos, pictures of magazine coverage and the usual bits like track listings and thanks.

The album was more successful than the band’s debut (Blood, Fire & Love), reaching number 22 in the album charts and having three singles released from it, and listening to it all these years later, it’s as good as I remembered it if not better.  This really is a great hard rock album.

The second disc contains some live versions recorded in 1991 in the UK, a couple of 7 inch single edits, a radio edit and an acoustic version of “Hell to pay”.  There are also two non-album tracks – “Bodies” and “Bad temptation”.  It’s all good stuff and it’s good to see plenty of extra’s being released.

This is a long overdue re-issue for a great album, and packed with all these extras it’s an essential for every hard rock fan.  Having listened to the albums a lot in the last week, I’d love to see the band reunite for some live shows, but that’s sadly unlikely.  Oh well at least the re-issues are great to listen to.

Soul Destruction (Deluxe edition) will be released on 9th February 2015

Track listing:

Disc 1

1. Crucify
2. Free’n’easy
3. Joy bang one time
4. Love religion
5. Bandaged knees
6. Praying to the red light
7. Sin against the light
8. Little lost sometimes
9. Devil’s toy
10. What more do you want
11. Hell to pay
12. Loaded

Disc 2 (Bonus tracks)

1. Free’n’easy (7″ edit)
2. Bodies
3. Hell to pay (Acoustic version)
4. Devil’s toy (7″ edit)
5. Bad temptation
6. Loaded (Live UK 1991)
7. Little lost sometimes
8. Wild road to satisfaction
9. Crucify (Live UK 1991)
10.Detroit (Live UK 1991)

Another great album re-issued with lots of extras making it an excellent buy.

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