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All Tied Up

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On 16 November 2017
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A cracking handful of feel-good British pop-punk songs played with enthusiasm and listened to with enjoyment.

Milton-Keynes based pop punksters All Tied Up have recently signed to a new label. Stack-in-a-box Records is an new kid on the Indie scene and this 5-track EP is scheduled to be one of their first releases.

So what do All Tied Up actually sound like? Well they are pretty clear about their genre and inspirations. Their official press release name-checks All Time Low and A Day To Remember, alongside Green Day and Blink-182. I have to say that I don’t really hear much to compare with the latter two myself; however what I do hear is a handful of fun and funky songs with a decent production and a likeable sound.

Opening track “So Enthusiastic” is the stand-out song for me personally. It starts with a slow jangly intro that gives a definite nod towards one of my favourite bands, Jimmy Eat World. Pretty soon though it bounces along on a wave of irrepressible guitars and vocals that sound like they are smiling. I mean is that even possible, for vocals to smile? I’m not sure, but the song is upbeat, cheerful and catchy. The chorus is already set to become an earworm within just a couple of listens. I love it!

“Better Day” is a little more mainstream. It’s a little more upbeat, a little faster but still has that smiley bouncy vibe about it. You get the feeling that this band enjoy playing their music, and have made it accessible so you can enjoy it too.

Third track “Asbestos Box” carries on in much the same vein, but seems to have the guitars a bit further forward in the mix so has a harder edge. This is not a bad thing, and shows some versatility. There is a rather odd time change halfway through though. It almost seems like they tucked a snippet of a totally different song in there for a while! I’m still not sure about that; needs a few more listens I think as at the moment it just sounds a little strange.

Title track “Breaking Silence” follows, and again heads down a slightly different route. This time it’s taking a more emo stance. I can imagine if this song were a person it would have a floppy fringe, lots of black eyeliner and probably hate its parents. But, just when you think there’s some serious attitude going down the chorus creeps up on you and starts the singalong head-nodding thing in you. Oh dear, you are enjoying it despite itself. Damn that’s clever!

Final track “Master Of Disguise” is another people-pleaser with a happy beat, catchy chorus and some rather nice guitar work.

Overall? Do you like your American pop-punk with a slightly British twist? Do you like a catchy chorus and contagious melodies? If so you will enjoy this EP. It takes enough influences to easily fit into its chosen genre whilst at the same time not being a blatant copy of anything. Yes there are influences, but at no time did I say to myself “Oh, that sounds just like…….”

The EP will be available in CD format or as a digital download from Stack-in-a-box Records from 22nd September 2017.

If you pre-order it now you will receive a free sampler in the form of a digital download of the title track “Breaking Silence”

All Tied Up are: Dave Palfreyman (Vocals/ Guitar), Billy Norman (Lead/Rhythm guitars) Nick Freeman (Drums/Percussion) & Leebo (Bass guitar).

All Tied Up

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A cracking handful of feel-good British pop-punk songs played with enthusiasm and listened to with enjoyment.

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