All about me

This is my small part of the monster that is Planetmosh, here you will find the lighter side of metal, from the Classic rock infused sounds of Attica Rage, through to the Southern sounds of ZZ Top, if its classed as Classic rock, British Rock, Southern Rock, AOR, or even Sleeze Glam, you will find it here, but dont be susprised to find a bit of Thrash in here also.
My musical taste are very varied, from Journey, to Evile via Ministry and Rob Zombie, and back round again to Cinderella.
The British AOR movement is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, and there will be no better place to find out what is happening, and where, than right here.

About David Farrell

General Manager and 'THE' competition guy at Manager of The Goddanm Electric, Tour manager for Serpentine, and ex-general Dogsbody at Media partner to numerous bands. Also takes photos, writes reviews and likes classic rock, with a touch of thrash to get the blood flowing.