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All About Eve

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On 6 November 2015
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Two great reissues packed with lots of bonus material - well worth buying.

The first two albums from All about Eve have just been reissued by Universal music.  Both albums are being released as double CDs conssiting of the original album and a whole host of bonus material.

All About Eve’s debut album originally reached No.7 in the UK album chart and “Sacarlet and other stories” reached number 9. So as well as the original albums, what do you get?  Well with the first album you get the 12inch versions and extended mixes of the singles as well as the B sides.  With “Scarlet and other stories” you get extended remixes, B-sides, the Wayne Hussey session from 1990, two previously unreleased acoustic BBC radio sessions plus a host of Live recordings from Glastonbury and headline shows in 1989.

I bought both these albums when they were originally released and love them.  Will I be buying the re-issues though?  The short answer is Yes I will.  I no longer have the singles on vinyl so don’t have the bonus material (and in fact some wasn’t released before anyway), and with the amount of extra material then that more than justifies the price in my view.

Two great reissues packed with lots of bonus material – well worth buying.

“All about Eve” Track listing:

Disc: 1
1. Flowers in Our Hair
2. Gypsy Dance
3. In the Clouds
4. Martha’s Harbour
5. Every Angel
6. Shelter from the Rain
7. She Moves Through the Fair
8. Wild Hearted Woman
9. Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
10. What Kind of Fool
11. In the Meadow
12. Our Summer (Extended Version)
13. Flowers in Our Hair (Extended Version)
14. In the Clouds (Extended Version)
15. Wild Hearted Woman (Extended Version)
16. Every Angel (Extended Version)
17. What Kind of Fool (Autumn Rhapsody)

Disc: 2
1. Our Summer
2. Lady Moonlight
3. Shelter from the Rain
4. Flowers in Our Hair
5. Paradise
6. Devil Woman
7. Calling Your Name
8. Appletree Man
9. Like Emily
10. What Kind of Fool (Reprise)
11. Every Angel (12″ Version)
12. Wild Flowers
13. Candy Tree
14. More Than This Hour
15. Another Door
16. In the Meadow
17. Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
18. What Kind of Fool
19. Gold and Silver
20. The Garden of Jane Delawney

“Scarlet and other stories” Track listing

Disc: 1
1. Road to Your Soul
2. The Dreamer
3. Gold and Silver
4. Scarlet
5. December
6. Blind Lemon Sam
7. More Than the Blues
8. Tuesday’s Child
9. The Empty Dancehall
10. Only One Reason
11. The Pearl Fisherman
12. Road to Your Soul (Extended)
13. Pieces of Our Heart
14. Hard Spaniard
15. December (Narnia Mix)
16. Drowning
17. The Witch’s Promise
18. Paradise (1989 Remix)

Disc: 2
1. (Theft) If I Had You
2. Different Sky
3. The Dreamer
4. Our Summer
5. Candy Tree
6. Tuesday’s Child
7. In the Clouds
8. Never Promise
9. Scarlet
10. More Than the Blues
11. Road to Your Soul
12. She Moves Through the Fair
13. The Pearl Fisherman
14. Blind Lemon Sam
15. Empty Dancehall
16. December
17. The Pearl Fisherman
18. Only One Reason

Two great reissues packed with lots of bonus material - well worth buying.

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