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Albert Cummings

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On 10 February 2020
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An excellent album

“Believe” is the eighth studio album from Blues rock guitarist Albert Cummings. It features songs such as the blues classic “Red rooster” (also called “Little red rooster”), Van Morrison’s “Crazy love”, Freddie King’s “Me and my guitar” and more.

The album was recorded at Muscle shoals studio – a studio with a huge amount of music history and Albert Cummings credits this with affecting how the album sounds…”If I had recorded those same songs anywhere else then Believe would have sounded like a completely different album”.

As you listen to the album it’s clear he’s used different elements in different songs to enhance the differences, so for example on “Crazy love” it’s not just him singing and playing with a softer tone, he’s used some female backing singers to add something to the song. In contrast opening track “Hold on” adds the brass section which right from the start gives the song a totally different feel even though without it the songs would have a reasonably similar sound.

I must admit that I havent listened to Albert Cummings before, but after hearing this album I’ll certainly check out more of his work. This really is a great album – the guitar work is excellent and solos always suit the song they’re included in. He’s got a great voice and the songs have been really well arranged with things like the backing singers and horns, and the end result is an album you can happily listen to again and again on repeat (which is what I’ve been doing for the last day or two).

An excellent album.

“Believe” will be released on 14th February 2020 via Mascot Label Broup/Provogue

Track listing:

1. Hold on
2. Do what Mama said
3. Red rooster
4. Queen of mean
5. Crazy love
6. Get out of here
7. My babe
8. It’s all good
9. Going my way
10. Call me crazy
11. Me and my guitar

An excellent album

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